The Unconventional Guide to Cabarete

we have much more than  just beaches

Are you the kind of traveler that likes to get off the beaten path and find an authentic experience? Prefer hanging out with locals and quietly exploring beautiful, natural vistas? Well you have come to the right place and we are happy to share our ideas for some of the best unconventional activities in Cabarete, Dominican Republic for you and your family!

Fresh water lagoon in the Callejón

callejon lagoonThe Callejón is a Dominican neighborhood in Cabarete, and about 5 minutes from the main road there is a gorgeous, cool, fresh water lagoon. It is a refreshing break from the wind swept beaches and is the perfect spot to wash all the sand out of your hair. To get there, grab a motoconcho and tell them that you want to go to “la laguna en el Callejón.” Bring a picnic, or better yet, explore until you find mango and avocado trees. When you are finished at the lagoon, stop by one of the ‘colmados’ (small corner store) in the Callejón, where you can pick up refreshments and mingle with the locals. Colmados are Dominican hubs for socializing, listening to music, and relaxing in the shade while enjoying a cold bevvie. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are brimming with people playing dominoes, drinking beer, and having a laugh.

Float the Rio Yasica

Photo provided by Vitamin D Cafe

The Rio Yasica flows down from the mountains outside of Cabarete to La Boca where it meets the ocean just outside Sabaneta. There are plenty of openings where you can get into the river and float down on an inner tube. Your best bet is to catch a guagua (small bus) or carrito (car/taxi) to Sabaneta, then hop on a motoconcho and ask them to take you to the bridge in Los Brazos (el puente en Los Brazos). There is a nice sandy beach and it is a popular spot to jump into the river! Or, if you want someone else to take care of the planning, Kayak River Adventures offers fantastic river tours in kayaks or on paddle boards, both of which are an excellent way to see the river. On really hot days, this is the perfect activity for the whole family as the river is slow moving and safe. At La Boca, there is a beautiful sandy beach and lots of Dominicans hang out there in the evening with their families—far from the crowds of tourists.

Sunset from Playa Alicia

playa-aliciaPlaya Alicia is about 10 minutes from Cabarete and boasts one of the best sunsets on the North Coast. There is a fantastic view of the mountain Isabel de Torres in Puerto Plata, and tons of families and people come to watch the day come to an end in this gorgeous locale. The water is clear and normally very calm for swimming. There is a little restaurant just above the beach that serves a mean fajita and a selection of cold drinks. After a day of exploring, sunset at Playa Alicia is a serene way to finish the day. *Photo by Kelsey Rush.

Stand up paddle boarding by Kite Beach

sup-lagoonJust behind Kite Beach there is a gorgeous lagoon where you can rent paddle boards, and go on guided tours. Our neighbor’s Windsports School over at Villa Taina offer a 2 hour tour. It is quiet, peaceful, and filled with birds and wildlife. The tour is kid friendly as long as your little ones can handle two hours of paddle boarding. This is a great way to see the flora and fauna of Cabarete and to unplug from city life.

Play pool with the locals


Looking for an unconventional Cabarete activity after dark? Above the surf shop Surfea on the main street, there is a great pool hall called Sky Lounge where all the locals hang out. If you are a seasoned pool shark, this is the place to be. We love the inexpensive drinks, relaxed environment and super loud bachata music that is oh so Dominican. You can’t find places like this in North America or Europe, so go check it out!





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