Fun Things To Do Near Cabarete: Catamaran Tour

Catamaran Tour Cabarete

As you probably know, Cabarete and the surrounding area has countless beautiful beaches. Many visitors experience them either from the shore or via watersports. But have you ever thought about cruising about on a catamaran?

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Where is the catamaran tour located:

Just about 10 minutes from our condos in the center of Sosua is Playa Sosua. The waters of this beach are calm and crystal clear, which makes it perfect for a day of sailing. You can either hop on a prearranged group tour or rent the entire boat out for yourself and your friends. Either way, it’s a reasonable deal, and food and drinks come included in the price. Our concierge service can help you arrange both.

What to expect on a catamaran tour:

As you arrive, your guides will toss you a life jacket and lead you to a little boat that will haul you to the catamaran. Once you board, the friendly staff will offer a welcome drink and snack. You can also feel free to bring any extra food or drinks that you think you will need for the day.

The catamaran includes jammin’ music, a bubbly jacuzzi, and masks and fins for snorkeling. Included in the experience is a trip around the coastline where you will see from the ocean point of view how beautiful this part of the country is. If you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll be allowed to jump from the cliffs and from the boat itself. You’ll probably want to bring your GoPro to capture the epic times.

As sunset rolls around, your hosts will provide more snacks. And when it starts to get darker, the disco lights come on, the music gets turned up, and the dancing begins!

At precisely 10 pm, the crew will ask you to prepare to head back to shore. You will pack your things, and once again pop on your lifejacket and hop on the little boat back to reality.

If you are interested in booking a catamaran as part of a group excursion or privately, you can email our concierge or stop by our front office, and they will gladly help you organize the trip.

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