5 Things That Are Better in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

There are telltale signs that you have traveled to Cabarete – tanned skin, strong arms, and sand in every nook and cranny of your body and luggage. After spending some time here, you’ll come to learn that some things are just better in Cabarete, like waaay better than back home. Many people end up moving here on a whim after falling in love with the scenery, the culture, and the super laidback way of life. So whether you’re a first time visitor, have been vacationing in Cabarete for years or are a diehard expat, we think you’ll agree that the following 5 things are just way better in Cabarete.

Water Activities

By now, we think just about everyone realizes Cabarete is called the “Action Sport Capital of the Caribbean” for a reason. Anything powered by the ocean and/or the wind will be found right in our front yard: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing, laser boat races…the list goes on and on. But don’t forget that when the wind and waves die down (which is hardly ever), the water gets crystal clear and you can also go snorkelling and diving at any of the 5 main beaches in Cabarete. Each has a different view and formations under the water, so take some time to explore!

Family Time

Family Time is Better in CabareteAt home, there are schedules, appointments, work, school, pickups and drop offs. Squabbling about homework and housework puts a strain on relationships. But in Cabarete…family time is just so much better. Relaxing together at the beach, eating lots of fresh fruit, and sleeping in (unless you are a family of surfers, then you will want to wake up early!). A holiday in Cabarete is the perfect opportunity to go on adventures with loved ones without the stress of regular life bogging you down. So whether you are travelling as a couple or a whole family, time together in Cabarete is just so much more fun.


Fruit is Better in CabareteIt’s everywhere. It’s inexpensive. It’s delicious. Fresh mangos, ripe bananas, and papayas the size of footballs – All the things healthy dreams are made of! Follow a big beach adventure with a plate of fresh fruit and you too will be scheming ways to sell everything you own and move to Cabarete. The most convenient way to enjoy this healthy treat? Buy fresh fruit from the fruit lady on Cabarete beach that strolls up and down the playa with a big basket of fruit on top of her head. Otherwise, our town is bustling with street-side fruit stands, so you are never far from a freshly picked pineapple.


cabarete-sunsetObviously, the sun sets every night, but in Cabarete it never gets boring. There is always a sky bursting with colors and clouds. Some nights it looks like a rainbow, others it looks like it’s on fire…but the good kind of fire. Our condos are located directly on the beach, so you are only steps away from a breezy sunset like the one everyone sees on Instagram.


If dancing the Macarena while listening to top-40 club music makes you want to cry, then the music and dancing in Cabarete will be a breath of fresh air. Dominicans love to dance to Reggaton, Salsa, and Merengue. They are THE inventors of the often imitated, yet never duplicated, Bachata. That being said, you are likely to see dancing at every opportunity imaginable: the gas station, on the porch, and at the colmado after hours. Even little kids are fantastic dancers! Turn on some Dembow and prepared to be amazed.

Beach Bodies

pearlkiniFit, healthy, bronzed and happy. Even the most stressed tourists look better in Cabarete after a few weeks of good sleep, good food, sunshine, and a lot of dancing. If watersports aren’t your thing (and even if they are), Cabarete has a nice selection of gyms and yoga studios, so it is very easy to get/stay fit while on vacation here. *photo by Pearlkini

We know there are a million other things that are just better in Cabarete, so feel free to leave your list in the comments below.

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