Video: Zion Balbuena by Alza Cabarete

World Class Surfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Technically, April isn’t even surf season in Cabarete, but that doesn’t stop Mother Nature from tossing out some bombs whenever she darn well pleases (about 300 days per year). This video was shot over a 2-hour session at our local surf beach, Playa Encuentro (just about 10 minutes from our condos) by Alaz Cabarete – our town’s local drone-aholic. It’s worth mentioning that the surfer featured, Zion Balbuena, is one of our local shredders and on any given day (actually, probably more like every single day) you can catch him smacking lips, throwing 360s, and searching out barrels in the waters of Cabarete. Thanks to his impressive style, he has attracted a few sponsors and we would like to thank them for supporting the kids trying to make something of themselves (after leaving the beach, Zion works full time at his father’s local veterinary practice). You can do the same by showing some love to Exotics Eliquid, Salty Cabarete, CMC, and CPS. Also, be sure to check out Chameleon Creative Studio who took the feature photo that we used. TONS of beautiful photos from all around Cabarete on his page.


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