21 Photos That Will Make you Want to Travel To Cabarete Right Now!

Inspirational Photographs of Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Hopefully, it hasn’t been too long since the last time you stepped foot on a beach, specifically Cabarete Beach. These 21 inspirational photographs are going to make you want to travel to Cabarete and dig your toes in the sand as soon as possible. If you haven’t been to Cabarete, the vibe and family/ pet-friendly atmosphere can’t be compared to other places, it’s the reason why most people keep returning and some even staying. Due to the diversity of Cabarete, each beach is different or better for a specific sport like wind sailing, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, or surfing. It’s also a fact that they are all good to watch a sunset or sunrise from while drinking fresh coconut water. Whether is has been a while or hasn’t been a while, here are a few photographs from local and international photographers that will inspire your next trip to Cabarete.

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Thomas Lister

Thomas who is originally from Santo Domingo was visiting Cabarete with a film crew while they filmed the movie “Cabarete.” Armed with all the gear imaginable, his favourite was his drone. Since filming the movie, Thomas returns often to visit Cabarete to enjoy a good sunset and mojito. Thomas recently published a beautiful video that took him a year to produce, he travelled the Dominican Republic and collected footage everywhere he went. Everything from the clips he took with his drone to the music is perfect, see “Mi Pedacito de Tierra” yourself!
Check out more of his work.

Sebastiano Massimino

Sebastiano is an Italian photographer who has relocated to Cabarete bringing with him an amazing amount of talent. His way of capturing colors and slowing down water makes everything look and feel very romantic. His photographs would be a beautiful piece to take home with you from Cabarete or a perfect gift for a friend. Though his lifestyle photography is not featured here, he is an experienced lifestyle photographer and has an eye for catching the perfect moment.

Take a look at more of his work on his website.

Nathalia Bentz

A Puerto Plata native relocated to Santo Domingo but a lover of the North Coast. Nathalia is a passionate photographer who focuses on mostly family and studio shoots but has an amazing eye for landscaping.
Nathalia wrote a little about how she sees Cabarete through her lens: “Cabarete became part of me and my family, it gives me moments to reflect and breathe in peace. These are gifts that I pursue constantly in photographs and it puts me in contact with the abstract and metaphorical.

Every day in Cabarete is full of gratitude, my photos no longer portray the touristic side of Cabarete like it used to. My camera now chooses to capture my children growing up full of innocence on the shores of their sea, in contact with nature and the sound of this particular silence.”

Recently, Nathalia studied fashion photography and graduated from Casa Chavon which is a sister school to Parsons. Using her natural talent, patience, and learned skills, Nathalia does yearly school pictures but not like the ones you and I used to take, she has created a fun twist that every school should implement. The same goes for her yearly Christmas photos! Take a look at more of what Nathalia is sharing by visiting her Instagram.

Brent Van Hooft

Brent was visiting Cabarete for three months with his wife. Recently retired, he was a zookeeper for 34 years in the Calgary Zoo, Alberta, and a massage therapist. His hobby for 45 years has been photography and these photos prove his dedication. Capturing these animals in action is not easy.  Though you won’t see much wildlife on the beach in Cabarete, you can do what Brent did, and hang around the lagoon where you can see a little more biodiversity.

Here’s to hoping that these photographs were an inspiration to your next vacation. As you can see for yourself, Cabarete is exploding with picturesque views, beautiful wildlife, and a wide variety of activities. Join us, bring your camera, and take home something special to forever remember your vacation by!

Always feel free to contact us directly to chat about helping you organize a vacation that includes all the adventures your heart desires: info@cabaretecondos.com

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