The Mariposa Foundation

Inspiring achievement in the girls of Cabarete since 2009

Cabarete has an uplifting community packed with inspiring, like-minded and interesting people. Many of these lovely humans do more than just lounge on the beach, take advantage of the wind, and shred the waves. They also give back to the community, and The Mariposa Foundation is a collection of selfless people who do just that.

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About The Mariposa Foundation

The Mariposa Foundation Founded in 2009 by a group of volunteers who shared the mission of educating and empowering girls, therefore, creating sustainable solutions to end generational poverty. With this purpose in mind, the Mariposa Foundation built a beautiful facility here in Cabarete where Dominican and Haitian girls can enjoy sports, receive academic tutoring, learn job and life skills, access libraries and computers, and health and wellness care. The facility is a positive, energetic, and safe place for these girls. The walls are lined with glass artwork, quotes, and portraits of significant historical women. There is pride, power, and inspiration everywhere you look!

Mariposa means butterfly in English and represents transition, freedom, and peace.

What Does The Mariposa Foundation do?

The Mariposa Foundation work not only locally, but also globally to educate and empower women. Below we’ve outlined exactly what they do.

Academic Enrichment

  • All the girls are offered additional academic support in reading, writing and math. Extra support is also offered to those studying for national exams.
  • The foundation currently sponsors more than 40 girls in a school scholarship programme to ensure the best possible education.
  • They get the girls to and from school safely with transport assistance.
  • For poor families, the cost of uniform can stand in the way of children going to school, so Mariposa provides uniform and supplies for the girls.

Experiential Learning

  • Learning outside the classroom allows the girls to understand and apply the knowledge they have learnt in the classroom. The girls are taken on field trips to teach them about nature, environmental consciousness, gardening and community service.
  • The girls are offered job skill training so they can use their resources to find work and learn beneficial skills.

Health and Wellness

  • Health education teaches the girls about physical and mental health, HIV/AIDS, sex education, hygiene, disease prevention and more.
  • The girls learn about the importance of their health with regular medical and dental visits and eye exams.
  • They all take part in weekly sport to help give them confidence, work as a team, have fun and keep them fit and healthy.
  • During all Mariposa activities, healthy and filling meals and snacks are provided along with education on nutrition.

What Can I Do to Help The Mariposa Foundation?

Aside from donating money to the foundation, there are a variety of things you can do to help. To keep it simple we’ve listed a few of them below.

  • Visit the Cabarete Coffee Company. They make a tasty coffee, breakfast and lunch and their brownies are out of this world delicious. The older girls from the foundation work there with all the profits filtering back into the foundation.
  • Treat yourself to a new backpack. The foundation recycles old sails and turns them into backpacks, pouches and grocery bags. You can find them at their online Etsy store, at the facility or at LEK Kiteschool.
  • Check out their wishlist. They have a list of things that you could possibly have laying around unused at home that they could use! Take a look before your next trip and pack them in your case.
  • Volunteer your time. The Mariposa Foundation depends on the hard work and commitment of volunteers to keep the machine well-oiled. Since they are deeply connected to the community and protective of their children. All volunteers must go through a screening process and provide several references before they can engage in activities with the Mariposas. Keep in mind, it is essential that long-term and local volunteers have strong Spanish skills, but there are still opportunities for those who don’t Speak Spanish fluently.

It is a wonderful place to stop by and visit while in Cabarete. Oh and don’t forget to try one of their brownies!

You can find all the information on previous and current projects on their website.

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