Cabarete Taxi Guide

Cabarete Taxi Guide Learn about prices, where to grab one, and local’s tips. Cabarete, Dominican Republic is a fun little town with lots of exciting places to visit. The size makes it simple to navigate, and incredibly affordable with our various modes of public transport. However, for families or those needing extra room for equipment or baggage, we understand that guaguas, motoconchos and carritos aren’t always suitable. Therefore, taxis are a great alternative since they’re spacious, comfortable, and relatively affordable. Around here, a taxi often comes in the form of a van, usually something along the lines of a Toyota Previa. Drivers tend to take a lot of pride in their ride, so you can expect the rig to be […]

Cabarete Public Transportation Guide

Cabarete Public Transportation Guide Learn how to get around Cabarete and how much you should pay. Cabarete is a fun town to navigate; not only are there tons of cool places to go, but you can actually get around easily! Public Transportation in Cabarete is excellent for a small town, and tourists have many options for getting from A to B. We’ll outline the three most common modes of transport in this Cabarete Transportation Guide, with a few tips to make sure you are gettin’ around like a seasoned vet. Motoconcho $RD50-200 Motoconchos are basically motorcycle taxis. Many motoconchos have permits and it is best to catch a lift with a permitted driver. Some have permits hanging around their neck, […]