Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: Monkey Jungle

Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: Monkey Jungle Learn more about Monkey Jungle, how to get there, what there is to do and opening times So, have you ever had a monkey (or several) on your head? Just to be clear, we don’t mean on your back…we definitely mean on your head. Better yet, have you ever fed a monkey a plate full of fruit right before it jumped on your head? If you answered no, then you must take a trip to Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic! Located a few miles up El Choco road, pretty much smack in the middle of Cabarete and Sosua, Monkey Jungle is more than just monkey’s on your head. It is actually a working […]

Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: Join the Circus

Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: Join the Circus Find out more about the Cabarete Circus and how you can join In Cabarete the circus is always in town! The best part is that anyone bold enough to lean off and jump from a platform 10 meters up in the air is welcome to join! Cabarete Circus is a circus school that offers a range of acrobatic classes to adventure seekers with the urge to tumble and/or fly. Located at The eXtreme Hotel on Kite Beach, the grounds feature a beachfront flying trapeze, trampoline, silks, hanging hoops, and a crew of trained professionals.  Paul Roberts, a 30-year circus veteran, has been known to train and “hang around” with performers from Ringling […]

Cabarete Beach Guide

Cabarete Beach Guide Learn more about the beautiful beaches of Cabarete The Cabarete Beaches have been known to woo tourists from all over the world and turn them into expats. It seems that most visitors find it hard to leave on time…or ever. So much so, they even made a song about it! Situated on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Cabarete is a tiny, laid-back beach village with the heart of a lion. There are 5 main beaches within 10 minutes of each other that are sure to satisfy even the most action-hungry waterman or woman. To make sure you are in the know, we are going to outline the main beaches of Cabarete, show you a few […]

Yoga In Cabarete

Yoga In Cabarete Get stretchy and relaxed Cabarete style Yoga in Cabarete is sort of a big deal. That’s probably because almost everyone is here to shred in some sort of watersport. Therefore, one of the main priorities is to keep the body strong, yet flexible in order to withstand the crashes that can happen during a surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, or SUP sesh. As you may or may not know, yoga has a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to, the following: Increased flexibility, strength, and long lean muscle tone Pain relief and prevention Better and fuller breathing Stress reduction Mental calmness and improved concentration Weight management Cardiovascular conditioning Improved posture and body awareness Inner Peace So, whether […]

Where Can I Exchange Money in Cabarete?

Where Can I Exchange Money In Cabarete? Our top choices of where to exchange money in Cabarete One of the most asked questions from our guests is, “Where can I exchange money in Cabarete?” It’s almost the first thing you have to do as a traveler. This article will give you our 4 favorite places to exchange money in Cabarete. They are all located within 2 minutes of our hotel and in our personal experience they give the best rates with the least hassle. The first thing to note: DO NOT EXCHANGE MONEY AT THE AIRPORT! Ok, maybe just a little to get you by until you get settled in, but the exchange rate is terrible. And by terrible, we […]

What Can I Buy with One Dollar in Cabarete?

What Can I Buy With One Dollar In Cabarete? Find out how far one US Dollar will go in Cabarete. In this article we hope to answer the question: How far will ONE US Dollar go in Cabarete? We realize if you are planning a vacation, then you are also sorting out some sort of budget for your stay. We thought we could help by giving you some references as to what every day items will cost when you are here. It is important to point out that the the legal tender of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso, written RD$. Today you would be able to exchange 1 U.S. Dollar for about 50.08 Dominican Pesos. We only chose the […]