The Power of The Platano – A Dominican Staple

The Power of The Platano A cheap, delicious, and versatile Dominican staple Skip to: What Does Platano Power Mean? What is a Plantain? Health Benefits of Plantain Tasty Plantain Recipe Ideas What Does Platano Power Mean? Just as Popeye loves his spinach, Dominicans love their platanos. If you are at all familiar with Dominican culture or are even just a baseball fan, you have undoubtedly heard the words “Platano Power.” That’s because the cheap, tasty, and filling plantain is a year-round staple of the Dominican diet. It has been that way since basically forever, and according to Dominicans themselves, platanos are what give Dominicans their strength. What is a Plantain? Known in English as plantains, this close relative looks very […]

Dominican Recipes: Lechosa Batida, Guacamole, Pollo Guisado

Dominican Recipes Lechosa Batida, Guacamole, Pollo Guisado One of the best parts about traveling to another country is all the fantastic new kinds of food you can try. Cabarete is no exception. The tropical fruit is so fresh and delicious you will wonder how you ever lived without it. There are tons of great places to go out for a bite to eat in the town of Cabarete, but if you prefer spending an evening in your condo and cooking up a storm (all of our condos have large kitchens with full appliances), we have compiled a few delicious and easy Dominican recipes for you to try! They all use fresh, local ingredients that are harder to find or expensive […]