Surfing For Kids in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a perfect vacation destination for solo travelers, couples, friends, families, and groups. But if you’re visiting Cabarete with kids in tow, you surely will need to find some precious mommy/daddy time. Thank goodness or surfing! Surfing for kids is one of the best activities in Cabarete, so we are going to break it down. Use this article to learn where to go, what to bring, surf safety, and about kids camps.

Where to Surf in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete Surf Line Up

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Just an 8-minute drive west of Cabarete Palm Beach Condos is the surf beach called Playa Encuentro. This beach is coveted for its authenticity as much as its waves. The lack of development makes the scene feel real and unfiltered. You’ll see about nine brightly colored wood shacks surf schools. All of them are open by 7 am, and there is a restaurant that is open at 8 am.

Most schools are qualified to teach any student from age 5 to 105. You might have brought your family to the surf beach so you can have some peace and quiet on the sand with your book, but once you see everyone else on that board, you’ll probably want a lesson for yourself!

Surf Safety at Playa Encuentro

Encuentro is a perfect spot for the kids to learn how to surf. The water is shallow and clear, and the beginner waves are very close to the shore. As surfers advance, they make their way to the main break further from the shore, which is a safe distance from the learning area. The instructors decide when students are ready to move beyond the beginner area.

Playa Encuentro is the only beach in Cabarete with a lifeguard. The schools on site provide this service for peace of mind. Playa Encuentro has had a safe reputation for many years now.

Surf lessons are about 2-3 hours. Surfing children should not be left alone unless they are enrolled in a surf camp. More about that later.

What to bring to Cabarete’s Surf Beach

Surf lessons begin out of the water with theory. Then an instructor brings the student into the water for coaching and support. If you are confident that your child is a strong swimmer, they are ready to learn to surf. If they are still learning to swim, you need to provide your child a life vest.

The school provides the rest of the gear like a board, leash, rashguard, and shoes (to protect feet from coral reef). If your child already owns a rash guard and water shoes, bring them. Everyone feels more comfortable in their own gear. There is a 99.9% chance that there is community sunscreen laying around if you forget to bring some.

Surfing will make anyone hungry. So, pack a snack or plan on buying something from the restaurant. Your kids will come out of the water exhausted and starving after all that fun in the sun.

Surf Camp for Kids in Cabarete

Surfing for Kids in Cabarete, Dominican RepublicPauhana Surf School has a summer surf camp for kids. You can drop off your kid and go on with your day as they surf, get fed, and play with children from all over the world. There are lots of other fun activities like circus, art, music, and more. Cabarete is the epitome of the Endless Summer, so “summer camp” happens the rest of the year, too. The only difference is it turns into a Saturday only activity. If this sounds interesting, let us know, and we will connect you with Pauhana to arrange your child’s package.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are always here to help you Adventure more and plan less!



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