Cabarete, Dominican Republic is well known for it’s consistent trade winds that blow 300 days a year and its dreamy warm water. It is also well known for it’s world class waves an impressive 350 days a year, but what happens when the two components come together? A whole lotta fun as our friend Oron demonstrates. You’ll often find Oron flying high above the reef or slashing waves on his strapless surfboard, but what we love most about this video, is we get to see it all from his perspective! The video was shot at 3 different Cabarete beaches, the first one a ‘secret spot’, but fortunately for us, the other well-known locations, Kite Beach and Encuentro, offer incredible conditions, too.

Kite Beach is the main kiting location in Cabarete as it is ideal for beginners and pros alike. With a number of kite schools along this stretch, there’s no shortage of choices. On the reef, there are number of super fun peaks for strapless riders to play on, and inside are the protected flat waters perfect for the beginners and freestylers! From here you can even do a scenic down winder to Encuentro and you’ll find some magic rides along the way!

Popular amongst surfers, Encuentro is THE surf spot of Cabarete. Once the wind picks up, the surfers clear out leaving an empty playground for Oron and his pals. With a number of peaks and some more treacherous than others, this is a great spot for advanced strapless riders! If you do a downwinder, whether it’s planned or not, you can always get a moto or guagua back up to Kite Beach!

Sit back, enjoy and get lost in the world of Oron (pick up a few top tips along the way).

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