Standup Paddleboarding in Cabarete

Everyone can enjoy standup paddleboarding

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Stand Up Paddleboarding in Cabarete is a unique experience that almost everyone in the family can enjoy! When the wind and waves go into hiding, standup paddle boarding is a perfect alternative for any water sport enthusiast. By having to balance your whole body, standup paddle boarding gives you a great workout. Also, it gives you an opportunity to connect to the ocean surrounding you. When you are finally floating as light as a feather on top of water, you will hopefully find tranquility. Take a moment to look back at the sandy beach and really appreciate nature.

Sometimes the water is smooth enough that a handful of people enjoy practicing yoga as they float on the water. However, paddleboarding is not limited to smooth waters, you can also surf waves! Because all of our suites have an ocean view, you will easily see right from your room when it’s time to paddleboard! You may ask, when is it a good time to go out with a paddleboard? Where do I get a paddleboard? We’re going to discuss all of the details in this blog so keep reading!

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Standup Paddleboarding For The Entire Family

Due to the large size of the board, many times multiple family members can sit together. This is especially appealing to families with smaller children between the ages of 5-10. While wearing a lifejacket, moms and dads can paddle their way in smooth waters across the Cabarete Bay and back. No need to go far off shore because many times there is little shore break and small waves. This experience is a great way to connect while on vacation. We encourage that many of our romantic getaways include renting two boards and paddling out side by side. So many funny and beautiful memories waiting for you!

The Art of Flat Water Standuppaddle Boarding

Balancing your body and gliding through the calm waters requires balance and a flat water board. A flat water board is better for open ocean paddling and downwinders. These boards slice through the water due to a pointed front (nose) and a little longer body. A beginner would lean towards a wider board meanwhile someone experienced would use a thinner board for racing through the water. Once you get a hang of it, advancing should be easy and it’s so beautiful to see the shimmering water all around you!

Catching Waves On A Standup Paddleboard

Surfing on a standup paddleboard is generally practiced on a shorter board with pointed ends and more curvature than a flat water board. These boards are easier to maneuver and are slower in more turbulent waters. Meanwhile they aren’t as stable in flat water, so better rent one of these if you plan on only staying in the bigger waves.

Surfing with a standup paddle board isn’t easy and does require some experience. Take your time and be prepared to have a few humbling experiences before catching a wave.

Yoga On A Standup Paddleboard

Yoga on a standup paddle board may be for those a little more advance in balancing OR for those looking for an amazing experience. Don’t let the idea of yoga on a standup paddle board put you off! You never know how good you are at something until you try it and vacation should be packed full of new experiences. This unique experience is offered by one of our ladies who has been here so long she is considered a local, check out what Audrey has to offer. She probably has much more tips and tricks that we don’t know about for yoga on a standup paddle board.

When, Where, and How?

When is it a good time to do Standup paddleboarding? That’s a great question but it also just depends on different factors. Your skills and the experience you’d like to have play an important part in when to paddle out. You can really go out any time if you are an experienced surfer or if you’re still learning, early mornings before the waves grow and the wind picks up is probably ideal.

Where can I standup paddleboard? The schools in the area can provide directions on where the safest areas to paddle board are. Cabarete has great options for a wide variety of aquatic sports so keep in mind there could be other people out on the water windsurfing or kiteboarding. To avoid any incidents, your instructor should provide details on areas that are considered better for standup paddle boarding, but if not, make some friends and ask.

How can I get a paddleboard? Here are a list of surf schools that provide Standup Paddle boards. Schools will guide you where to go and when is the best time for you according to your skill levels.

Cabarete Beach Area:

Kite Beach Area:

Encuentro Area:

Cabarete has a wide variety of watersports to choose from and if this is something that interests you, let us help you plan your next vacation. Not only do we offer fully equipped suites right in the center of Cabarete, we also offer great advice and many more tips for this town in our Cabarete City Guide. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do!

Did we forget to mention your favorite place to rent a paddleboard in Cabarete? Shout it out in the comments!

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