How to Get to Cabarete from Santo Domingo

Our top tips for traveling to Cabarete from Santo Domingo

Photo by Nomar Salgado
Photo by Nomar Salgado

In this article, we will be explaining how to get from Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ) to Cabarete Palm Beach Condos. Before we get started on that, let us highlight some important points from some past articles on travelling to Cabarete:

Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) is the closest airport to Cabarete.
Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is the farthest airport from Cabarete.
Santiago International Airport (STI) is a good option for getting to Cabarete.

For many speculative reasons, the Puerto Plata International Airport may have fewer flights coming in, and/or may be a bit pricier than flying into the other airports in the Dominican Republic. So, if that comes to be the case for you while researching flights, Las Américas International in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is another option.

At about 230km away from our condos, you should plan to travel most of the day to get to Cabarete.

Easiest/Fastest Option
Cabarete TaxiLet us set you up with a taxi (air-conditioned minivan) that will pick you up at the airport and drive you here. It will cost you about US$200 and 4 hours. You can also just walk right outside the airport and pick your own taxi for the same price. Make sure you choose a taxi driver that has a card verifying he is a registered driver. The van will also usually have the little taxi topper on the roof. Best practice is to negotiate the price before you get into the van. You may be able to negotiate a better rate, but around US $200 is a good marker. Expect to pay more at night, especially if you have a really late flight coming in. The taxi drivers realize you have little to no other options at 3am. Keep in mind the fare is per trip, usually up to four passengers.

Local’s Tip:
Have the correct amount of US dollars or Dominican pesos handy because your driver will likely not have change.

Another Local’s Tip:
If you bring any sort of bulky sporting equipment like windsurfing gear, expect to pay about US $10 extra.

Important Local’s Tip:
Print yourself out a map and get familiar with where you are going. Keep in mind we don’t have proper addresses like you may be used to. So, being alert could save you some time and drama. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your driver know you are with the program. If coming at night, ask the driver to drive through Gasper Hernandez, not on the mountain road. The mountain road might take less time during the day but is more dangerous at night. That being said, if you want to see some really beautiful countryside during the daylight hours, ask your driver to take you on the “Carretera Turistica” route through the mountains.

Mountain Road Map HERE
Through Gasper Hernandez Map HERE

Less Expensive/More Time Option
metro-bus-dominicanrepublicTake the bus. You will have to do a little taxi hopping in addition to the bus ride, but it isn’t that big of a hassle and is pretty inexpensive. The buses are modern and comfortable and have toilets on board. They also have air conditioning that they like to keep cranked, so bring a sweater. No matter where you are from, you will probably be cold. Below you will find specific instructions on taking the bus from the Santo Domingo Airport to Cabarete Palm Beach Condos:

  • Hail a taxi (minivan) at the airport and have them take you to either Metro or Caribe Tours. The depots are located about 10 minutes away from each other just west of the Zona Colonial. A taxi ride to either bus depot will cost about US $25 and take 25-35 minutes. The $25 fare is for the taxis posted up at the airport. If you are travelling light you can always walk out to the street and grab a local taxi for around US $10.
    • Map from Airport to Caribe Tours Depot HERE.
    • Map from Airport to Metro Depot HERE.
  • Once at the bus depot:
    • You will be buying a ticket to Sosua.
    • Caribe Tours bus to Sosua departure schedule HERE.
      Journey time: 5 hours. Several stops along the route.
      Cost: RD $330
    • Metro Bus to Sosua departure schedule HERE.
      Journey time: 4 hours. One stop in Santiago.
      Cost: RD $360
  • Local’s Tip: Metro is a little faster and nicer, but has fewer departure times than Caribe Tours. So, plan accordingly. Remember that it will take you up to 2 hours to get your luggage and through customs at the airport.
  • Once you are in Sosua, you can take a guagua (public minibus that comes by every 10 minutes or so, you will know it when you see a man hanging out of the door whistling at you, just wave your hand and it will stop) straight to our Condos if you arrive on the day. This is not a great option if you have a lot of luggage. About 30 minutes and RD $30.If you arrive at night or have a lot of luggage, you can grab a taxi and be in Cabarete in 15 minutes for about RD $500. Have no fear, there will be a heard of qualified taxis waiting around the stop when you get off the bus.

Local’s Tip:
There is no proper terminal when you arrive in Sosua, you will be pretty much dropped off on the corner. That’s normal so don’t panic.

MAJOR Local’s Tip:
Make sure you negotiate all prices before you get into a taxi or guagua. This is a guide to help you. We cannot guarantee these prices. Also, be sure to leave the airport with a mix of dollars and small change pesos. You will probably find that no one has change on hand when you need it. You also don’t want to get mixed up in an exchange rate disagreement. This is why we suggest having both dollars and pesos. Of course, the Dominican Peso is the local currency, but some things are listed in dollars and not knowing the exchange rate off hand might cost you more than you expect if you are not careful.

TOTAL COST: About US $45 (or RD $2000)
TOTAL TIME: About 7 hours

Most Adventurous Option

Rent a car. We really do not suggest this option unless you are a very seasoned traveller. The roads and drivers may not be what you are used to. The driving habits and the number of motorcycles on the road could be a little overwhelming to those who are used to a little more organization.

This is the fastest way to our condos (through the mountains). Map HERE
This is maybe a safer way to our condos (through Gasper Hernandez). Map HERE

WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST DRIVING AT NIGHT. There are not a lot of street lights, which will make it hard to see the signs and any obstacles, animals, or motos (a large percentage will be missing headlights and/or taillights). Another thing to note if you choose to rent a car, gas is about US $4/gal.

TOTAL COST: Car rental varies depending on the car, insurance, and length of rental, but about US $40-80 per day plus about US $20 one way.
TOTAL TIME: About 4-5 hours.

Local’s Tip:
Renting a car here may not be what you are used to. The one-way costs for rental cars can be very expensive in this country. Most companies do not give a clear quote and when you return the car, you could find yourself shocked with a lot more money on your bill than you anticipated or were told.

Once you are in the vicinity:

We do not have addresses like you are probably familiar with, so below you will find a little map outlining how to get to Cabarete Palm Beach Condos from the centre of Cabarete. Basically, once you see the Banco del Progreso sign on the right, start looking for the Century 21/Juan Perdomo Realty sign on the left. It is in a blue building shaped sort of like a triangle on the corner. Make a left at Juan Perdomo, and head down what looks like an alleyway. Our office is at the end of the alley on the left.

DISCLAIMER: THERE ARE SURELY MANY OTHER WAYS TO GET TO CABARETE FROM SANTO DOMINGO. Make sure you do your own fact checking at the links provided since schedules, prices, and routes may change over time.

If you have any questions regarding getting to our condos from any airport, do not hesitate to contact us: We want to do everything we can to make your trip easy, safe, and as inexpensive as possible.


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