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Learn more about local rock band Culture Shock

Tonight, Friday, December 19th, local rock band Culture Shock will be bringing the house down at one of Cabarete‘s favorite places to boogie down, Onno’s Bar and Restaurant. Culture Shock has a pretty unique story. First of all, they are originally from Canada (been living here since 2001). Secondly, the band is more than just any ole trio, they are a family. Dad Joey writes and sings most of their original songs and plays the guitar, mom Karen plays the drums (seriously), daughter Samantha plays bass, and both of the lovely ladies also sing back up. Pretty awesome way to spend time with the fam!

The party starts at 9pm (Caribbean time), so round up your friends and meet us over there. In the meanwhile, take a second to read a little more about the band below. We just grabbed their bio straight from their webpage, which is also worth checking out because it has photos and music you can play right on their website. And if you like what you hear and want to keep up with their schedule follow the fam band on Facebook.

CULTURE SHOCK rock band is a unique and exciting trio consisting of a rockin’ Canadian family:
parents Joey and Karen, and teenage-daughter Samantha.

Tired of the rat-race, bored with their conventional lifestyle, and compelled by the trade winds for their favorite sport of kitesurfing, this Canadian family relinquished their successful and established life in 2001 to move to a tropical island and leap into the unknown. Even this adventurous family never imagined how different their new lives would become.

Fast-forward. They are living in the Dominican Republic, performing in their rock band, helping impoverished local children build a better future, kitesurfing, and mountain-biking in world-class conditions right in their own backyard. And through all of it, they wrestle with the ever-present culture shock.

Joey, a former lead singer of the rock bands Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood, was so impacted by his family’s life-altering move to the Dominican Republic that he wrote 32 original songs inspired by their experiences. Samantha learned to play guitar and sing at the age of nine and started playing bass five years later. Karen picked up the drumsticks and CULTURE SHOCK rock band was born!

The lyrics in many of their songs like; “Diamonds & Gold,” “The World Keeps Turning,” “Give me a Reason,” “Don’t Cry for Yesterday,” “Fly across the Universe,” “Hear their Cries,” and more, represent the plight of the poor, and the rising social injustice around the world, provoking us to ask questions of ourselves and society. Their songs, such as “Only a Dream,” “Pretty Thing,” “Superstar,” and “Beautiful Day,” represent the band’s playful side and their live life to the fullest philosophy.


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