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A River Float with Dominican Surf Trips

Known for water sports, beaches, and nightlife, few who visit Cabarete get to take in the beauty of our backyard- the mountains and rivers. During your stay, take the road less traveled for your Cabarete Excursion: A River Float with Dominican Surf Trips.

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Dominican Surf Trips

The excursions offered by Dominican Surf Trips are one of a kind in Cabarete. The tour operator prides itself for keeping it’s locations private so that they remain protected and 100% local. It’s for this reason we love recommending them to our guests. Not only does Dominican Surf Trips offer unique surf excursions available nowhere else, they are the only tour operator that offers the River Flow, undoubtedly the best way to experience the mountains in Cabarete.

What Is A River Float?

In short, you will be floating down a river on inner tubes surrounded by hills and mountains. DST picks you up at Villa Taina driving you to the start location about 30 minutes away. The drive alone is beautiful as it takes you through Dominican neighborhoods where the best of our country’s culture can be observed. At the starting point the group loads up on snacks, drinks, and beverages. Beer, rum, coconut water, local cheese, tropical fruits, munchies, all packed up to enjoy while on the float.

What Is A River Float Like?

This Cabarete excursion is unlike the rest because you won’t be wearing a helmet, life vest nor guided along in a conveyor belt like fashion. The River Float does just that, it flows while you float, and all depends on the group and the river that day. Sometimes the float down the river takes two hours sometimes it takes three. Every float begins with choosing your inner tube and cold beverage for the ride.

During the excursion you’ll see cows and horses untethered grazing in the grass. The river is fairly shallow and calm in most points although there are three small rapids that breakup the stillness very nicely. You can paddle to the shore and walk back up the river to enjoy the rapids again. There are two stops where those who like to jump from high places can climb up the cliff and launch. Around the middle of the tour, the group stops for snacks at a bank in the river where there is also mud, fantastic for a body mask. The tour ends at a bridge where locals are usually doing backflips off of.

What’s Included?

  • Transport
  • Inner Tubes
  • Beer, Rum, Beverages
  • Snacks

Tips For Going On The River Float

  • Eat a hearty breakfast before the tour. Only snacks are provided.
  • Bring a hat and possibly even long sleeve sun protection, you’ll be directly under the sun for hours.
  • Do not bring any technology unless it is completely waterproof.
  • Wear flip flops or water shoes.
  • Children who aren’t strong swimmers should wear a life vest that you provide.
  • Ask ahead of time if you want photos of your excursion, DST will bring a photographer to capture your day.
  • Book at least 2 days ahead of time, DST will need to scope out the river and conditions before confirming your trip.

Ask our front desk for more information on booking this Cabarete Excursion.

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