Pizza in Cabarete

Your Guide to the Pizza Places in Cabarete

Pizza is one of those foods you can get at home, get anywhere, and for some reason even when you’re on vacation you need more of. It’s safe to say pizza is a food group. We thought it would be helpful to share a guide of all the places with pizza in Cabarete. In no particular order, here are restaurants with pizza on the menu.

Local Tip: although some of these places do not deliver, you can always send a motoconcho (mototaxi) with money and your order written on a piece of paper and he will wait and deliver to you when the food is ready.

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We like Pomodoro because it’s consistently good, makes fresh pizzas and pastas, and they have their own ice cream bar.
Where: Located on the beach behind the BHD Bank.
Hours of Operation: 11am- 11pm Closed Wednesday
Price Range: $$
Delivery: Yes (809)571-0085

Pizza and Spaghetti House

Owned and operated by Italians, Pizza and Spaghetti serves authentic italian dishes and pizzas in a fire oven.
Where: Next to Wally’s Money exchange
Hours of Operation: 6pm- 10:30pm, Closed Tuesday
Price Range: $$
Delivery: Yes (809) 571-0108


Closing at 4am, Hexxenkessel is the spot to go to after a late night in Cabarete. They also serve a variety of foods like burgers, salads, sandwiches, and german food.
Where: Across from Onnos Bar
Hours of Operation: 12pm-4am
Price Range: $
Delivery: Yes (809)571-0493

La Chabola

2 for 1 pizza every night and live music on Wednesday, Chabola is a fun place to go to for hanging out and enjoying drinks with friends.
Where: in the Callejon de la Loma in front of the JiuJitsu school
Hours of Operation: 6pm-12am, Closed Mondays
Price Range: $
Delivery: Yes (829)641-8462

LAX Ojo Club and Restaurant

Not only is LAX Ojo the place to go to for dancing, their happy hours and 50% off pizza and pasta make your pregame in Cabarete fun and easy.
Where: across from Scotia Bank
Hours of Operation: 11am-1am for food, 3am for drinks
Price Range: $
Delivery: No

Calla Pizza

Calla Pizza is primarily a delivery place to go to when you want a pizza in less than 10 minutes with simple ingredients.
Where: across from Scotia Bank
Hours of Operation: 11am-11pm
Price Range: $
Delivery: Yes (829)865-6500

Fin Box

We like Fin Box because it’s one of the only dive bars in Cabarete. In addition to burgers and empanadas, they make a personal sized pizza on a grill that’s worth trying.
Where: across from Villa Taina
Hours of Operation: 3pm- 1am or as late as there are customers. Closed Tuesdays
Price Range: $
Delivery: Yes (829)932-1684

Onno’s Bar and Restaurant

Onno’s is a jack of all trades in Cabarete offering dishes like langostino pasta, happy hours, late night dancing, and of course pizza.
Where: across from the Greek restaurant
Hours of Operation: 11am-3am
Price Range: $$
Delivery: No

Roma Cucina and Pizzeria Italiana

We like Roma because they always have smaller breads and pizzas on display you can just grab and go with.
Where: conveniently located at the entrance of the Callejon
Hours of Operation: 11am-11pm
Price Range: $$
Delivery: Yes (809) 571-9481

Ceiba Pizzeria

If you like American style pizza, Ceiba is your go to. Every pizza and plate comes stacked full of ingredients.
Where: Perla Marina
Hours of Operation: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 3 pm – 10 pm, Sat – Sun 11:30 am – 10 pm, Closed Tuesday
Price Range: $$
Delivery: Yes and fast (829) 868-8808

Did we miss your favorite pizza joint? Shout it out in the comments for our readers.

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