Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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Going on vacation to the Dominican Republic is the best way to pamper yourself. Getting a manicure and pedicure is one of the great ways to spoil yourself. To enter a new level of self love and relaxation, seems like a mani/pedi is the way to do it. Learn what to expect from all the Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and choose from the typical Dominican salon, the most cost effective, or the luxury spa.

The Typical Dominican Salon – A Cultural Experience

The Dominican Republic has a very unique culture that some would associate with loud music, fried food, and ice cold beer. Located at Plaza Mora in the Callejon de la Loma, a Dominican neighborhood in the heart of Cabarete, there is Cabarete Professional Nail Center. This spot is the best place to get the Dominican experience. Here you’ll see people selling street food or produce, speeding by on motos, and jamming to reggaeton music full blast. In the DR it is normal and even expected that men get mani/pedi’s, as a result, men and women come to this salon frequently. Each of the 3 people on staff give great massages and will spend extra time on you if you ask nicely and of course, tip well.

  • Manicure + Pedicure: 500rd
  • Wait time: 5 minutes-1 hour
  • Appointments: No, first come first serve. Show up, reserve your spot and walk around while you wait.
  • Quality: the nails look great but the nail polish is low quality so it won’t last long.
  • Local Tip: Bring a beer, bring a friend, and bring your own polish if you have a good one.

The most bang for your buck in Cabarete

Ocean One Plaza is home to Cabarete’s favorite Nail salon, Get Nailed. The services here are of good quality similar to the best spas in Cabarete, yet much more affordable. Here you can do simple paint jobs, mani/pedi, gel polish, and acrylic nails. They also offer waxing and non-surgical procedures. No other place in Cabarete offers nail art or acrylic nails. There’s AC, the staff will offer your a beverage, and the seats are pretty comfortable.

  • Manicure + Pedicure: $30usd
  • Wait time: 5 minutes-1 hour
  • Appointments: Yes and they will take care of you on time
  • Quality: we’ve only heard great things about the nail services but cannot vouch for the waxing.
  • Local Tip: Make your appointment early in the day and go for lunch after.

Luxury Spa Experience in Cabarete

There are only a few places in Cabarete that offer the type of service you might be used to back home. We are lucky to have two spa venues that have truly dialed in the all the details to gratify your senses. The following locations have massage chairs, quiet rooms, soft music, and many other services for you to indulge in.

N’Day Spa
Right across the street from Dick Bakery in the same plaza as Progresso Bank is the ex-pats favorite spa. Owned and operated by Kit, a French American who also teaches spinning, this place runs like a fine-tuned engine. Kit would rather limit appointments and service each customer herself than hire staff that cannot meet her french spa standards. As a result, we only hear great reviews from all the services offered which include waxing, massage, facials, micro-dermabrasion, and body treatments. Furthermore we assure you every staff member is highly trained. N’Day Spa is the only spa to offer discounts for repeat Customers.

  • Manicure + Pedicure: $50usd
  • Wait time: 0 min or by appointment  only
  • Appointments: Yes. DO NOT BE LATE, your time may be cut short.
  • Quality: High
  • Local Tip: This is the best place for waxing.

Andari Spa in Millennium Hotel
The most upscale hotel in Cabarete is Millennium Resort. They also have the most upscale spa. Andari Spa offers unique treatments like luxury baths, injury rehab packages, acupuncture, and dermatology treatments. What we love about Andari spa is the array of experiences offered. You can enjoy a long and extravagant spa ritual mani/pedi with scented candles, mud mask, and hot towels for $105 or an express one that is just a quick file and a polish change for $20. The vast menu of services offered by Andari is sure to tempt you.

  • Manicure + Pedicure: $50usd
  • Wait time: 10-45 min
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Quality: High
  • Local Tip: Grab a cocktail at their beachfront restaurant while you wait your turn.

Take care of your hands and feet your way. If you want to kick back, take it easy, and save cash, we recommend visiting the Callejon for a truly Dominican experience. Get Nailed is more comfortable than the Professionals Spa yet also more affordable than than the luxury spots. For those with a taste for opulence, N’Day Spa or Andari Spa is the right fit.

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