Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: Monkey Jungle

Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: Monkey Jungle

Learn more about Monkey Jungle, how to get there, what there is to do and opening times

So, have you ever had a monkey (or several) on your head? Just to be clear, we don’t mean on your back…we definitely mean on your head. Better yet, have you ever fed a monkey a plate full of fruit right before it jumped on your head? If you answered no, then you must take a trip to Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic!

zip-line-cabareteLocated a few miles up El Choco road, pretty much smack in the middle of Cabarete and Sosua, Monkey Jungle is more than just monkey’s on your head. It is actually a working farm that just happens to have a 4,500-foot Zip Line with 7 stations that take you flying from platform to platform through the lush canopies of the 280-acre estate. The longest station boast of a ride 800ft long! There is also a free fall fan descender that drops almost 60 feet into an ancient cave. Talk about a heart stopper. It easy to see why the Travel Channel gave Monkey Jungle the #1 spot on its list of Top Adventures in the Dominican Republic! Amidst all the excitement, you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands because Monkey Jungle is home to the only ACCT Certified zip lines on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The guides are super knowledgeable and friendly and do an amazing job of making sure you understand your safety equipment and feel comfortable with every zip you take.

cabarete-monkey-jungleOk ok, back to the monkeys (and other animals and stuff). Over 35 spider monkeys, several capuchin monkeys, a flock of peacocks, some iguanas, and who knows how many bunnies live in a grotto-enclosed botanical garden bursting with tropical plants, trees, and flowers. Once you enter the grotto your guide will hand you a plate of fruit – and that’s when the awesomeness ensues! Forever-hungry monkeys come swinging from the treetops to gobble up the organic treats. As you take an educational tour through the botanical garden, the monkeys do their best to distract you the entire way. It’s quite a unique experience that will leave you feeling giddy and in love.

What most people don’t know is that The Monkey Jungle and Zip Line Adventure’s sole purpose is to fund a FREE on-site dental and medical clinic (complete with pharmacy) for the underprivileged. It was founded by Chuck and Candy Ritzen after the Leon-Laroche Clinics at Monkey Jungle started in mid-2009 with visiting Nashville pediatric dentist, Dr. David Snodgrass, pulling teeth in the rear of a Dodge pickup truck. By the end of 2009 they finished the small dental and medical clinics. Shortly after, Chuck Ritzen met Dr. Gerry, a retired orthodontist from Canada, and his wife, Sandi. The dream team would come together with all their skills to form the MJ Dental Clinic. ALL PROFITS GO TO THIS CLINIC.

Monkey Jungle is open 7 days a week, 364 days per year from 9am – 4pm. Reservations are not required, but are suggested for morning visit during high season (Dec-Jan). Cash is the only acceptable form of payment.

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