Larimar: Dominican Republic’s Unique Gemstone

There are lots of things to love about Cabarete. Our small beach town has something for everyone to enjoy with its endless summer vibes, from beautiful beaches to more unconventional vacation ideas. We are sure you’re going to want something to remember your vacation by. Larimar, a rare blue variety of mineral pectolite, is the perfect souvenir to bring back home!

Why? Because this semi-precious gemstone is only found in the Dominican Republic! That’s right. Larimar doesn’t naturally occur in any other country globally, and there is a ban on exporting it in a raw state. However, Larimar’s exclusivity is not the only reason why you’d want to pack as much of it as possible into your suitcase. Grab a cozy beverage of your choice and learn all the reasons why Larimar jewelry made our list of top 3 souvenirs from Cabarete

A Brief History Lesson, or What Is Larimar? 

Larimar is a rare gemstone, and its color can vary from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep-blue. The secret to Larimar’s unique beauty is Copper, which gets “trapped” inside the gemstone during its formation and enhances Larimar’s striking color. This is also why the gemstone’s surface is a complicated maze of interconnecting lines and circles, which we believe looks like the waves on Cabarete Beach!

Also known as the Dolphin Stone and Stefilia’s Stone, Larimar was first discovered in 1916 by Father Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren of the Barahona Parish. He requested permission to explore the mine in which he found an unusual blue rock (you guessed it, it was Larimar!), but his request was denied. It was not until 1974 that Miguel Mendez rediscovered Larimar while taking a beach walk. Charmed by the gemstone’s beauty, Mendez took his daughter’s name, “Larissa,” and the Spanish word mar, the sea, to form “Larimar.” 

To clarify, the gemstone doesn’t actually come from the sea. Larimar that Mendez found was one of the few stones washed into the sea from rocky outcrops, which later became the Los Chupaderos mine. Talk about lucky coincidences! 

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Larimar’s Healing Properties 

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Larimar jewelry will definitely add Caribbean flair to your looks, but there is more to it. It also has several impressive healing properties. The gemstone’s soft colors and elegant patterns carry water elements’ tranquility, but it was formed from fiery lava and steam. The calmness of water and passion of fire exist in harmony in Larimar. As a result, it brings balance to the life of its owner as well! It is known to relieve stress, promote relaxation, and nurture emotional health. Living stress-free is one of the 8 ways Cabarete can improve your health, and you can use Larimar to prolong these benefits when you’re back home! 

Wearing Larimar jewelry can make you feel calmer and less stressed out during the day. It’s also an excellent gemstone for pregnant or nursing women because it can alleviate post-partum depression and support emotional balance during a turbulent time. We know it can be tough to create and raise a new life! 

Where to Buy Larimar in Cabarete and How to Take Care of It 

As we have seen, there are plenty of reasons to buy this unusual semi-precious gemstone. So, where can you buy Larimar in Cabarete? 

You can head to the Yocahu Caribbean Jewelry store, located just a few minutes away from Cabarete Palm Beach Condos. You can also use shopping for Larimar as an excuse to visit the town’s cozy gift shops and get our favorite goods handcrafted in Cabarete. Alternatively, visit one of the local markets that happen weekly. Just ask our concierge service for more info! 

Taking care of Larimar doesn’t require any special skills. Be gentle with it, and remember to avoid wearing it for a long time in the heat and direct sunlight. Sun rays will fade the gemstone’s brilliant color, and we want Cabarete to stay fresh in your memory! 

What are your favorite souvenirs? Share in the comments!

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