Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: Join the Circus

Find out more about the Cabarete Circus and how you can join

kaicitos-circus-dominican-republicIn Cabarete the circus is always in town! The best part is that anyone bold enough to lean off and jump from a platform 10 meters up in the air is welcome to join!

Cabarete Circus is a circus school that offers a range of acrobatic classes to adventure seekers with the urge to tumble and/or fly. Located at The eXtreme Hotel on Kite Beach, the grounds feature a beachfront flying trapeze, trampoline, silks, hanging hoops, and a crew of trained professionals.

kaicitos-circus-cabarete Paul Roberts, a 30-year circus veteran, has been known to train and “hang around” with performers from Ringling Brothers, Cirque De Soleil, and Cirque Eloise. For over 20 years he has been heading up circus programs at various resorts and schools all over the world including places like Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, America, Canada, and now the Dominican Republic. Always one to give back to the community, Mr. Roberts has shared his knowledge of Circus Arts Training with over 40 young Dominicans. Some have made their mentor proud by going on to open circus programs of their own! Cabarete Circus, previously known as Kaiceitos Circus, has now been taken over by one of Pauls top students, Laura. With years of experience and an incredibly graceful style, Laura welcomes all ages and abilities. The wonderfully helpful and smiley assistants are still there to help coach (and give you that extra nudge of encouragement) too.

kaicitos-circus-silksCabarete Circus has students as young as 4, and according to Paul you are never too old to have a good time! There is an array of prices and packages to suit adults and kiddies, locals and visitors. But to give you an idea of how it works, a 2-hour drop-in flying trapeze class costs $1200 RD or $28 US and includes stretching, learning positions from beginner to advanced, and even 45 minutes of catching.

I was invited to a birthday surprise party at Cabarete Circus and had the time of my life! At first I was so scared I was shaking, but by the end of the day I felt like a total pro. Both the birthday girl and myself ended up learning 3 different positions, catching and RETURNING – all in our first 2-hour session. We were so ecstatic that we became obsessed and returned every other day for the next 2 weeks of her stay. Below you can enjoy a video from our days in the circus. And if you don’t know what it means to “catch and return” you definitely will by the end of the video. ☺


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