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Find out Fresh Fresh Cafe’s location, opening times and menu

In the very center of town across the street from the beach lies a tiny little oasis called Fresh Fresh Café. True to its namesake, the menu is full of fresh juices, smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, and bowls. The Cabarete version of this café just celebrated its two-year anniversary, but the history of the company dates back a little further.

Back in 2012, the Avakian family opened the flagship version of Fresh Fresh Café in our sister town of Sosua. The reason was quite selfish if we are being honest. Already busy business owners in Sosua, the husband and wife team found it hard to scrounge up fresh and healthy fast food. So, they did what any overly ambitious entrepreneurial couple would do and filled their own void.

The Avakian’s decided they would develop a concept that feeds the people of Sosua and the surrounding area just like they feed their family at home: simple, healthy, and yummy. At first, the café was best known for their assortment of customize-able smoothies. Fresh Fresh was, and still is, the only gig in town that has such an extensive stock of protein, energy, and immunity boosters. It didn’t take too long before Fresh Fresh became the new hot spot for catching up with friends and business associates while chewing on a big fat wholesome burrito full of ingredients grown in their personal garden or by local farmers.

Alas, Cabarete folks are lazy…like really lazy when it comes to traveling more than a kilometer or so. So, we all started demanding a Fresh Fresh in Cabarete. At first we thought it would never happen. Whenever the topic was brought up, it was met with a sly smile and silence. But the people are strong people and we didn’t give up! So, finally in August of 2014 Fresh Fresh Cabarete became a dream come true for many.


From the street the café’s simple facade is pretty unassuming. It really lends no insight to the wonders of what waits on the inside. Although the location is different, it still has the same vibrant yet homey vibe as the original digs. The a/c is blasting, the staff is smiling, and the blenders are buzzing. You can either order at the counter or just grab a seat to be tended to by the wait staff. There are 2 seating areas, inside or out. The outside is like being in a whole other world. One would never believe that there oasis lying await in the back of a concrete building in the middle of town.

This backyard patio has become very well known for it’s semi-regular “Fresh Talks” where health buffs from around town come to listen to heath gurus talk about a particular health topic while everyone eats their healthy meal and drinks their healthy drink! Make sure to follow Fresh Fresh Cafe on Facebook to stay up to date with the Fresh Talks calendar. And on a similar but completely unrelated note, you can follow them on Instagram to be inundated with daily postings of NOM and YUM.

Although we are trying to be witty in our writings, it’s worth driving home that Fresh Fresh Café is the real deal. The health hubbub isn’t just branding and marketing. They believe it, they live it, and they share it.


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