Family Beach Games in Cabarete

Time for some fun in the sun with the whole family this summer with our top beach activities.

Whether the kids are still little tots or all grown up, family vacations are the ideal time to make some irreplaceable memories together. Our front yard happens to be the perfect place with a spacious sandy playground that the entire family can enjoy. So you can enjoy to its full potential, we’ve compiled our favorite family beach games in Cabarete that are fun, simple and won’t break the bank!

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Beach Frisbee Golf

This is one of our favorites as it’s so easy, straightforward and will keep you entertained for hours. All you need is a frisbee and some targets. The targets can be pretty much anything you can find, towels, leaves, trees, rocks, shoes … anything! The same as golf, the aim is to get a hole in one or land your frisbee on the target in the minimal amount of throws possible. The best is you can make it as many holes/targets as you wish!

Water Bucket Relay

For the energetic families, the water bucket relay is a whole lot of fun and giggles! Set up an empty bucket around 5m from the shoreline (or more or less depending on how much running you want to do). Contestants queue behind the bucket as one person at a time sprints to the ocean with a cup, fills it, runs back and pours it in the bucket. The first team with a full up bucket wins!

Beach Bowling

If you have your own fancy bowling set, then great! If not, you can reuse some plastic bottles with a little sand in the bottom for some epic beach bowling. Start off by flattening and marking out your sand alley, set your pins up and voila! Bowling balls won’t roll too well on sand and are not so great to travel with so we recommend a foot or volleyball! This will keep the family entertained for hours and the flat sandy area right out front of our condos is the perfect spot for it!

Sand Building

Ok ok, so this one is a little vague but with sand, you can let your imagination run totally wild! From boats, cars, planes, animals, castles, forts, whatever you’re thinking, it’s doable. And for the mums, it’s a great way to keep dad and kids entertained whilst you enjoy some much deserved quiet time on your family vacation. We’ve added some sandcastle inspiration for you below.

Top Tip – When sand is damp it’s slightly stickier and easier to build with so add a little water to your sand.

Pong Beach Race

Our gently sloping beach out front of our condos makes the perfect race track for pong beach racing! Divide the group into pairs and give each pair a ping pong ball. One person will dig a channel for the ball to roll down to the water. The other person will collect and pour water into the channel to roll the ball down to the finish line. Be careful not to put too much water in, if the ball floats out of the channel, you have to start again!

For the ultimate beach day, why not set up a beach olympics! Get your teams, choose your colors and names.

These are just 5 of our favorite family beach games in Cabarete, but we’d love to add more activities to our repertoire. Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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