Four Delicious Dominican Snacks That Will Spoil Your Tastebuds

We are all about the snacks here at Cabarete Palm Beach Condos. We snack after kiteboarding at Kite Beach, surfing at Encuentro, and whenever we crave a little comfort food. It’s hard not to become a professional snack-eater here in the Dominican Republic! But what are Dominican snacks that make our toes curl? Keep reading this blog post to find out! 


You can find empanadas in many Spanish-speaking countries, but this popular dish’s Dominican adaptation is especially dear to our heart. Affectionately known as empanaditas, Dominican empanadas are crispy and savory. It’s just what you need when you crave something comforting and filling! 

The dough is deep-fried and stuffed with beef, cheese, or chicken filling. Meats are mixed with sauteed onion, garlic, and tomato or tomato sauce mixture for flavor. Dominican cheese queso para freir (cheese for frying, which is as delicious as it sounds) melts into perfection. Pair it up with ketchup and mayo, and enjoy! 

You can find empanadas at virtually any street food stand in Cabarete, always fresh and hot!

An empanada street food stand near Encuentro beach in Cabarete. Treat yourself to a snack after a surf session!


Dominican food is comforting and savory, and quipe is no exception. Quipe, also known as kipe, is a Dominican version of the Lebanese kibbeh. It was brought to the DR by immigrants from the Middle East in the nineteenth century. It’s now an essential element of any Dominican picadera, a party snack platter!

Quipe is a deep-fried bulgur ball stuffed with ground beef. It’s a crunchy and satisfying snack with tons of flavor. Follow our unique itinerary packed with activities in Cabarete and grab a quipe (or two) at a street food stand when your energy is running low! 

If you want to try more Dominican food (you should!), visit El Saman, a hidden gem with the best mofongo in Cabarete. 

In addition to being super tasty, quipes look unusual and will surprise your social media followers! 

Bolitas de Yuca 

Bolitas de Yuca are crispy yuca balls stuffed with cheese and fried until golden. You might know yuca as cassava, a root vegetable that resembles a potato. Yuca balls are surprisingly easy to make, so you can use the fully equipped kitchen in your condo to try cooking them! 

First, you need to boil the yuca and mash it, removing the stems. Season it with salt and pepper to taste. When your yuca becomes smooth, you can move on to our favorite part: stuffing it with cheese. You can use any cheese you like, but we like mozzarella for its gooey consistency. Take enough yuca to make it into a ball and place a piece of cheese in the center. Shape it and fry it! 

You can eat these plain or with a dipping sauce. We lied. Our favorite part is eating the bolitas

Do you want to make more Dominican recipes? Read this blog post

Bolitas de yuca might be our favorite snack on this list…We don’t want to be biased, but it’s hard to resist these crispy balls full of cheesy gooeyness! 

Habichuelas con Dulce 

So far, our list has been filling and savory, but what if you’re craving something sweet? Don’t worry. We didn’t forget you and your sweet tooth! Habichuelas con dulce, or sweet cream of beans, might sound unusual at first, but you won’t regret trying this Dominican dessert. 

Dominicans love beans. And while beans are pretty standard in many Spanish-speaking countries, bean-based desserts are rare. Use your time in the DR to try sweet cream of beans! Different versions of habichuelas con dulce exist, and many Dominican families have their unique recipes. 

Red kidney or pinto beans are usually used. The beans are cooked with coconut milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, sugar, raisins, sweet potatoes, and spices until everything becomes a homogeneous delicious mass. Habichuelas con dulce is usually served with milk cookies or cassava bread. You can eat it hot or cold. 

You can enjoy this sweet bean-based dessert all year round, but in the DR, it’s most popular during Easter. To learn more about Dominican holiday traditions, read this blog post! 
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