The Annual Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

The longest running jazz fest in the Caribbean celebrates 22 years! From October 26 – November 4, some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians will come together to jam on the stages of the longest running Jazz Fest in all of the Caribbean. Skip to: About the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival FEDUJAZZ – Educational foundation for Jazz Fest The lineup for the 2018 Dominican Republic Jazz Festival About the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival is a fun time in Cabarete and falls on Constitution Day weekend. With events that span the entire country, it’s one of  the biggest cultural events in the country. This year’s festival theme is “ Voices for Peace & Humanity” with a special […]

Spanish Lessons in Cabarete

Spanish Lessons in Cabarete Find out why and where you should learn Spanish in Cabarete Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, including the Dominican Republic. Coming in behind Mandarin Chinese, but beating out English, Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language. That being said, Spanish is the third most spoken language by total number of speakers. So, while you are here, you might as well consider taking Spanish lessons in Cabarete. Skip to: Benefits of Speaking Spanish Where can I learn Spanish in Cabarete? Useful Spanish Phrases Benefits of Speaking Spanish Speaking Spanish has a variety of benefits that will enhance your experience here in Cabarete. It’s also a great place to learn since you will undoubtedly get […]

Family Beach Games in Cabarete

Family Beach Games in Cabarete Time for some fun in the sun with the whole family this summer with our top beach activities. Whether the kids are still little tots or all grown up, family vacations are the ideal time to make some irreplaceable memories together. Our front yard happens to be the perfect place with a spacious sandy playground that the entire family can enjoy. So you can enjoy to its full potential, we’ve compiled our favorite family beach games in Cabarete that are fun, simple and won’t break the bank! Beach Frisbee Golf This is one of our favorites as it’s so easy, straightforward and will keep you entertained for hours. All you need is a frisbee and […]

Standup Paddleboarding in Cabarete

Standup Paddleboarding in Cabarete Everyone can enjoy standup paddleboarding photos by Stand Up Paddleboarding in Cabarete is a unique experience that almost everyone in the family can enjoy! When the wind and waves go into hiding, standup paddle boarding is a perfect alternative for any water sport enthusiast. By having to balance your whole body, standup paddle boarding gives you a great workout. Also, it gives you an opportunity to connect to the ocean surrounding you. When you are finally floating as light as a feather on top of water, you will hopefully find tranquility. Take a moment to look back at the sandy beach and really appreciate nature. Sometimes the water is smooth enough that a handful of […]

Five Fun Things To Do in Puerto Plata

Five Fun Things To Do in Puerto Plata Find out our favorite things to see and do in Puerto Plata Cabarete is a small but mighty town packed with fun things to see and do. Even with this impressive choice, it’s always fun to go on an adventure and explore. Our neighbouring city Puerto Plata is just a 30-minute drive away and offers an array of different attractions. In this guide, we share our Five Fun Things To Do in Puerto Plata. Fort San Felipe The Dominican Republic is rich with history and Puerto Plata is where Christopher Columbus took his first steps on the island in 1492. Fort San Felipe is the only standing remains from Puerto Plata’s early […]

Join In On The Cabarete Carnaval Celebration

Cabarete Carnaval Find out more about and join in on the cultural celebration! It’s carnaval season and we can’t wait for the celebrations to come to Cabarete. Throughout the month of February, carnavals happen every Sunday in different cities in the Dominican Republic. The Cabarete Carnaval is slightly different and takes place in March, but offers a much more family-friendly, tranquilo carnaval than the others. The first of these carnavals date back to the year 1520. Since then, they’ve been an important tradition for Dominicans as a way to express their culture and identity. Each one of the costumes are handmade and brightly coloured to symbolize religious and traditional characters. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera as these costumes combined […]

Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: River Float

Fun Things To Do In Cabarete A River Float with Dominican Surf Trips Known for water sports, beaches, and nightlife, few who visit Cabarete get to take in the beauty of our backyard- the mountains and rivers. During your stay, take the road less traveled for your Cabarete Excursion: A River Float with Dominican Surf Trips. Dominican Surf Trips The excursions offered by Dominican Surf Trips are one of a kind in Cabarete. The tour operator prides itself for keeping it’s locations private so that they remain protected and 100% local. It’s for this reason we love recommending them to our guests. Not only does Dominican Surf Trips offer unique surf excursions available nowhere else, they are the only tour […]

Local Business Spotlight: Chino Surf School Cabarete

Local Business Spotlight: Chino Surf School Cabarete One of the first Surf Schools in Playa Encuentro Cabarete is a water sports wonderland where you can kiteboard, windsurf, scuba dive, paddleboard, jump off waterfalls, and surf. One local business we want to spotlight is Chino Surf School Cabarete, located in Playa Encuentro, the surf district of our town. Find out about the history of the beach and services offered at the school. Surf in Cabarete When you ask the pioneers of surf in the Dominican Republic about Playa Encuentro they’ll tell you about the times they had to walk with their boards through fields and trees to get to the beach. In the 90’s the first roads down to the surf […]

Las Cuevas de Cabarete – Visiting Cabarete’s Caves and El Choco

Las Cuevas de Cabarete Everything you need to know about visiting the Caves in Cabarete *Photo by Iguana Mama Tours With so many activities in Cabarete many people spend years here without visiting our natural caves. Hidden deep in the Dominican neighborhood Callejon de la Loma are gorgeous caves waiting for you to visit. We’ll go over everything you need to know about visiting the Caves in Cabarete. What are Las Cuevas de Cabarete? Behind Cabarete is a national park called Parque Nacional El Choco. This protected area is 77 square kilometers of forests, lagoons, underground rivers, and caves. There are plenty of ways explore El choco like ziplining at Monkey Jungle or bike riding. Closest to our condos, cheapest, […]

Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic Use this as a guide to choose your experience Going on vacation to the Dominican Republic is the best way to pamper yourself. Getting a manicure and pedicure is one of the great ways to spoil yourself. To enter a new level of self love and relaxation, seems like a mani/pedi is the way to do it. Learn what to expect from all the Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and choose from the typical Dominican salon, the most cost effective, or the luxury spa. The Typical Dominican Salon – A Cultural Experience The Dominican Republic has a very unique culture that some would associate with loud music, fried food, and ice cold beer. […]