Who Were the Taínos?

Who Were the Taínos?  The Dominican Republic is famous for its beautiful beaches, but there is more to it than its endless summer vibe. Before the island of Hispaniola became the Dominican Republic and Haiti, it was populated by the Taínos, an indigenous people with a fascinating culture. Read this blog post to learn about the Taíno traditions, religion, and food. Who Were the Taínos?  The Taínos inhabited what are now Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Historians estimate that their population was between 2 to 3 million pre-Columbus, but this number is more of an educated guess than an exact estimate.  Literally, “Taíno” means “men of good,” and, according to Columbus’ diary, they lived up […]

Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic Use this as a guide to choose your experience Going on vacation to the Dominican Republic is the best way to pamper yourself. Getting a manicure and pedicure is one of the great ways to spoil yourself. To enter a new level of self love and relaxation, seems like a mani/pedi is the way to do it. Learn what to expect from all the Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and choose from the typical Dominican salon, the most cost effective, or the luxury spa. The Typical Dominican Salon – A Cultural Experience The Dominican Republic has a very unique culture that some would associate with loud music, fried food, and ice cold beer. […]

Communicate like a Dominican Without Saying a Word

Communicate like a Dominican Without Saying a Word Dominican gestures that will make your trip a lot more fun! Every culture has its own dictionary of silent gestures that are used to communicate, but the people of the Dominican Republic are particularly expressive! Just like with language, some things don’t exactly translate into other cultures, so we created this visual guide of gestures that you will probably see during your vacation to Cabarete, Dominican Republic. We hope you find it useful (and fun!). Over There THIS IS NOT A SOMEONE ASKING FOR A KISS. It actually means “over there”. Many cultures think pointing with the index finger is very rude, so Dominicans have taken up pointing with their lips instead. […]