Golfing Near Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Golfing Near Cabarete Tee off at the most stunning courses in the Dominican Republic   The north coast of the Dominican Republic is well known for its non-stop adventures and world class watersports conditions, but did you know we also have some of the most stunning golf courses? DR truly has it all! Cabarete is a rather small town, so we only room for mini golf. Fortunately, getting around our extended town is not a problem and with two gorgeous golf courses within an hours drive, you’ll be whacking golf balls before you can say fooouurrrr! Playa Dorada Golf Course Located only 45 minutes away in Puerto Plata, the Playa Dorada Golf Course is often described as one of the […]

Video + Travel Guide: Adventure Of A Lifetime in Cabarete

Adventure Of A Lifetime Cabarete, Dominican Republic Style The north coast of the Dominican Republic has no shortage of adventures, whether it’s kitesurfing along the stunning coastline or jumping from 60ft waterfalls! In this beautiful video put together by the Big Swings crew, you can witness the fears conquered, limits pushed, and strong friendships made. We’ve compiled a little overview of each segment so you can experience the activities in the video for yourself! Beaches The video starts off with beautiful drone footage of the seemingly endless beaches in Cabarete. Walking and discovering beach after beach is not only a great workout, but you’ll also be blown away by the beauty of untouched empty beaches. It’s also free to do, […]

Banks in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Banks In Cabarete Cabarete banking tips, maps, and hours No matter how much we plan, we never seem to take the right amount of money on vacation with us. But have no fear! Our Banks in Cabarete guide will ensure you don’t go broke while on vacation in Cabarete, Dominican Republic! Before we get into bank locations and options, here are some top tips for using local banks to withdraw or exchange money: Don’t forget your passport. Banks require that you present your passport when withdrawing or exchanging money. Many of the banks have ATMs located outside. However, we always suggest making your withdrawal from inside the bank. Mostly for security reasons, but many ATM’s have a limit, typically $10,000RD. […]

Whale Watching in the Dominican Republic

Whale Watching in the Dominican Republic You don’t have to go to Samana to see the whales! Every year between January and March, three to five thousand humpback whales return to the warm Caribbean waters to give birth and mate for the following year. The Dominican Republic is blessed to have one of three breeding grounds in the North Atlantic, located near the Samana Peninsula. The 2nd breeding ground is located 90 miles off the North Coast, at Silver Banks. The frolicsome males not only attract the attention of the females but our eyes too as you can see them breaching and playing from our back yard. A sight to behold, these whales have had a long journey from the […]

Think Outside The All Inclusive Box – Visit Cabarete

Think Outside The All-Inclusive Box Visit Cabarete, Dominican Republic   All-inclusive holidays are hugely popular, and we can almost see why – true to the namesake “everything” is included and pre-planned, making it an easy holiday. But, there are also downsides to staying in an all-inclusive resort, like the lack of interaction with the local culture and surroundings…and where is the adventure of travel? Cabarete is a treasured little town known for the lovely mix of locals, immigrants, and tourists, a trait that is very different from the better-marketed vacation spots in the Dominican Republic such as Punta Cana. Here at Cabarete Palm Beach Condos, we are incredibly proud of our town and we just love to share its wonders! […]

Cabarete Eats: Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles

Cabarete Eats: Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles Delicious and unique food with a good cause Coffee and waffles (and great wifi) is the perfect combination, so how about a café focused on serving just that! Vagamundo Coffee & Waffles is the new restaurant on the block but has already earned an exceptional reputation. Located just opposite of La Rosa Supermercado (next to the gas station), this charming little café will have you feeling tranquilo the instant you step inside. Once you have a moment to shake off the awe of the interior, you can focus on the menu. The professionally trained baristas and locally grown coffee are evident in the taste. From their award winning 7 Summits signature coffee and refreshing […]

Cabarete Taxi Guide

Cabarete Taxi Guide Learn about prices, where to grab one, and local’s tips. Cabarete, Dominican Republic is a fun little town with lots of exciting places to visit. The size makes it simple to navigate, and incredibly affordable with our various modes of public transport. However, for families or those needing extra room for equipment or baggage, we understand that guaguas, motoconchos and carritos aren’t always suitable. Therefore, taxis are a great alternative since they’re spacious, comfortable, and relatively affordable. Around here, a taxi often comes in the form of a van, usually something along the lines of a Toyota Previa. Drivers tend to take a lot of pride in their ride, so you can expect the rig to be […]

Local Food Spotlight: D’Chino Pica Pollo

Menu, opening times and prices D’Chinos Pica Pollo, located just inside Callejon De Loma, has been feeding the community for over eight years! Current owner Robyn prides himself on serving quality authentic food at an affordable price. Its popularity is most evident during lunchtime when the restaurant becomes flooded with locals and tourists alike. Being owned and run by local Dominicans, the typical mouth-watering flavors of the Dominican Republic are present throughout every dish. D’Chinos Pica Pollo offers a mix of local food and mainly, you guessed it, pica pollo. Pica pollo is a dish of fried chicken (pollo frito), with fried plantains (tostones), which is incredibly popular here. However, D’chinos fried chicken is like no other, well renowned for […]

6 Reasons Cabarete is Awesome for Family Vacations

6 Reasons Cabarete is Awesome for Family Vacations Fun in the sun is just the beginning! Quality family time can be tricky with the stresses of everyday life. Vacations provide the perfect escape allowing you to focus on what’s truly important. Whether your family is older, younger, living on opposite sides of the world, Cabarete offers the perfect location for family time, reuniting and relaxing. No Distractions We often get bogged down with daily life, school runs, appointments, work and with time being limited, it’s hard to wind down with the family. Here in Cabarete, there is no schedule, no distractions, just you, the family and the beautiful beaches of Cabarete. A family vacation gives you time to appreciate the […]

Fun Things To Do Near Cabarete: Teleferico Puerto Plata

Fun Things To Do Near Cabarete: Teleferico Puerto Plata Photos, History, and Map   Want to see the Dominican Republic from a different perspective? The Teleferico Puerto Plata offers spectacular views from the top of Mount Isabel de Torres. Located on the south side of Puerto Plata, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the city, ocean, and surrounding landscape as you ride on one of few cable cars in the Caribbean! Once you reach the top of Mount Isabel de Torres, you will be awestruck by the mountaintop which is designated an official Nature Reserve. The abundant variety of wildlife, flora, tropical gardens, hidden caves, natural springs and streams which flow within the mountain are like the stories told […]