Cabarete Eats: Finbox

Delicious food and drinks all in a welcoming chilled atmosphere. Find out why Finbox has become the Cabarete hangout spot.

Top 5 Cafes with Internet in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

El Cocotazo CafeTop 5 Cafes with Internet in Cabarete Best Places to Do Work! Pictured: El Cocotazo Cafe Whether you’re a digital nomad or need to tend to some business during your tropical vacation, you’ll want to know the Top 5 Cafes with the Internet in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. #1 Vitamin D Cafe, In front of Agualina Hotel on Kite Beach This restaurant tops our list of places to work from in Cabarete because it’s right on the ocean. When you’re visiting a tropical country like the Dominican Republic, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can to take in the landscape. In the mornings on Kite Beach, you’ll see a few paddleboarders on the flat water, or […]

Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic Use this as a guide to choose your experience Going on vacation to the Dominican Republic is the best way to pamper yourself. Getting a manicure and pedicure is one of the great ways to spoil yourself. To enter a new level of self love and relaxation, seems like a mani/pedi is the way to do it. Learn what to expect from all the Nail Salons in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and choose from the typical Dominican salon, the most cost effective, or the luxury spa. The Typical Dominican Salon – A Cultural Experience The Dominican Republic has a very unique culture that some would associate with loud music, fried food, and ice cold beer. […]

Cabarete Souvenirs: Our Three Faves

Cabarete Souvenirs Our Top Three Things to Bring Home From Cabarete   There are a lot of things we’d love to pack into our suitcases and take home with us, like the sun, the people, the head-sized avocados, just to list a few. However, these are slightly inconvenient to lug around during travel. But, there are many things you can take home with you that will hold your Cabarete memories forever! Here are a few of our favorite Cabarete Souvenirs. Dominican Rum The Dominican Republic is well-known around the world for its incredibly delicious rums. Thanks to the original and natural process of distillation and aging, Dominican rums are much smoother than other rums. Depending on your luggage space, you […]

Cabarete Eats: Mongolian Grill at Villa Taina

Cabarete Eats: Mongolian Grill at Villa Taina Consider your Wednesday night in Cabarete booked! Cabarete Beach, while beautiful by day, is magical by night making. There are candle lit tables set up on the beach accompanied by live music playing to the crowd. So, even though our condos offer full on kitchens, it’s fun to go out and experience the ambiance of Cabarete. And you might want to save your appetite for hump day because every Wednesday our neighbor Villa Taina hosts Mongolian Night, a dinner special Cabarete locals love, and visitors shouldn’t miss! The barbeque style all-you-can-eat buffet includes dessert for 690rd (this price includes tax and tip!) and starts at 7:30. What’s for Dinner? Unlike other all-you-can-eat style […]

Cabarete Date Night On A Budget

Inexpensive Date Night Ideas in Cabarete, Dominican Republic A couples holiday in the Caribbean doesn’t have to be expensive. When you stay in one of our beachfront condos in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, you are exactly in the middle of endless possibilities. All you need is an open mind and a little local’s guidance. You bring the open mind, and we will provide a little local’s guidance. Snuggle Up Beachside Grab a blanket, Presidente Grande and find yourself a cozy spot right in front of our condos to watch the glistening night sky. With little light pollution, you’ll be able to gaze upon constellations, satellites, and sometimes planets! Did you know the closest star is 4.2 light years away? Meaning it […]