Cabarete Taxi Guide

Learn about prices, where to grab one, and local’s tips.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic
is a fun little town with lots of exciting places to visit. The size makes it simple to navigate, and incredibly affordable with our various modes of public transport. However, for families or those needing extra room for equipment or baggage, we understand that guaguas, motoconchos and carritos aren’t always suitable. Therefore, taxis are a great alternative since they’re spacious, comfortable, and relatively affordable.

Around here, a taxi often comes in the form of a van, usually something along the lines of a Toyota Previa. Drivers tend to take a lot of pride in their ride, so you can expect the rig to be sparkling clean, smell delicious, and have choice Dominican music playing. The best part is most have air conditioning and almost all even provide free wifi!

taxi fares in Cabarete
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Catching a taxi is easy, at the airport, you will notice them all standing outside with taxi signs. In Cabarete, you will see taxi stands throughout the town and one on Kite Beach. If you have a particular cab driver you enjoy, take down their number so you can use them again next time. They will be more than happy to help, as they are grateful for repeat business. At the taxi stands, they will often have a price board in US Dollars, but you are always able to pay in Dominican Pesos at the day’s exchange rate. If you are at a stand with no price list or pick up a taxi from the side of the road, just make sure you negotiate the price before you get in, so you are not charged more than expected. You can verify a registered taxi driver by their identification card, often hanging either from a lanyard around their neck or the rearview mirror. Most taxi drivers only speak Spanish but don’t stress. They are very used to dealing with tourists, and they know their way around Cabarete, so just make sure you know the name and/or a significant landmark of your destination.

If you are catching a ride from the airport or exploring secret kitesurf and surf locations, taxi drivers are professionals at handling luggage and equipment. Remember, taxi drivers are incredibly car-proud and prefer equipment is sand-free before loading it into the van, so save time by packing gear on grassy areas or rinsing it off beforehand.

LOCALS TIP: If you’re planning on doing a kitesurf downwinder, the taxi driver will even bring your pump back and drop it off at a designated area! Que servicio.

Staying in one of our vacation rentals and need a taxi from the airport? Just let us know when making your booking, and we will ensure a taxi is there waiting for you. For any other times, you can pop down to reception where we can book one for you.






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