Cabarete Souvenirs: Our Three Faves

By August 29, 2017Cabarete Locals Guide

Cabarete Souvenirs

Our Top Three Things to Bring Home From Cabarete


There are a lot of things we’d love to pack into our suitcases and take home with us, like the sun, the people, the head-sized avocados, just to list a few. However, these are slightly inconvenient to lug around during travel. But, there are many things you can take home with you that will hold your Cabarete memories forever! Here are a few of our favorite Cabarete Souvenirs.

Dominican Rum

Cabarete Souvenirs - Dominican RumThe Dominican Republic is well-known around the world for its incredibly delicious rums. Thanks to the original and natural process of distillation and aging, Dominican rums are much smoother than other rums. Depending on your luggage space, you can cram in a bottle or two to crack open at home and let the Cabarete memories flow. Sold at every colmado, grocery store, and bar throughout Cabarete, you’ll have no trouble finding your favorite rum.

Jewelry Designed in Cabarete

Cabarete Souvenirs - Amber and LarimarMany think of the tropical beaches and an unlimited supply of fresh fruit when you mention Dominican treasures. But the Dominican Republic has real treasures that would make any pirate’s chest jealous. That’s because some precious stones and metals are unique to the island. For example, Larimar is a stone that looks like the ocean, and it is found exclusively in DR. It makes stunning jewelry, so you can take a little piece of paradise with you wherever you go. Another famous jewel is amber. Thanks to the age, clarity, and amount of fossil inclusions, Dominican Amber is some of the most coveted and expensive in the world. Not only do both of these stones hold great holiday memories, but you won’t find anything like the stones outside of this country! As you stroll through the town of Cabarete, you’ll notice a variety of stores displaying beautiful Amber and Larimar collections in their windows.

Top Tip – Remember you often do get what you pay for, so shop around and if the price sounds far too good to be true, you could be looking at a fake stone.


Higueros Crafted in Cabarete

Cabarete Souvenirs - HiguerosHandcrafted by a couple of local artisans named Wanda and Maximo. These beautiful candle shades are made of hollowed out dried gourds grown on trees here in Cabarete. They were originally used by the Taino’s to carry water, serve food, and hold the bones of ancestors, which were traditionally hung in the corner of the room. In Taino creation legend, The Creator Yaya and his wife hung the bones of their dead son in a higuero. One day the higuero fell to the ground and from it sprung forth all of the world’s oceans and the fish that live in them. Today they are used for decoration with holes drilled in to make a beautiful glowing pattern once you place the candle inside. You can find these in the small shop on the main road in between Mojito Bar and the entrance to the beach. They make a lovely centerpiece or gift. You can even have them personalized with something special to remind you of your trip.

These are just a few items that hold our loveliest memories and make great gifts for loved ones. What would you bring home to share with your loved ones from the Dominican Republic? Let us know in the comments below.

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