Interactive Map of Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete is located within the Province of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The boundaries of Cabarete begin at Playa Laguna, next to Sea Horse Ranch. El Choco National Park reserve marks the southern border and follows the lagoon all the way to Sabaneta. In fact, the lagoon covers a lot of the land on the south side. The northern edge has a long stretch of beach that hugs the Atlantic Ocean for about 20 km. But the “center of town” in Cabarete is only approximately 800m long.

As you can see on the map of Cabarete below, our condos are located directly in the center of Cabarete Bay. Our latitude is 19.750034 and longitude -70.4114928. We are located approximately 25 minutes east of the Puerto Plata airport, and our property can be reached via Highway 5.

You will find that addresses in Cabarete can be a little ambiguous. They don’t follow an order like they do in some other countries. More often than not, the name of a business is the address. You will also find that many roads don’t have street signs. For this reason, Google Maps directions include references like, “pass by the pharmacy on the right.” Even the directions from the Puerto Plata airport to Cabarete Palm Beach Condos states that you get here via “unnamed roads.” Please don’t let this confuse you! The directions given by Google Maps actually work correctly, so no need to panic. We also have a big sign posted on Highway 5 with an arrow pointing to our location, which just steps off the main road.

Interactive Map of Cabarete
Click on the icons to get more info. We are the big red marker in the middle. 

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