Cabarete Life October 2014

Our top Cabarete Life videos from October 2014

cabarete-video-collectionMany people view the Caribbean as a place to relax, unwind, and get a tan. When visiting Cabarete you can surely do that if you want to, but we have the feeling you will probably be wooed into action by the wind, waves, reef — and probably a little bit of all of the above. And while October is generally seen as “low season”, it seems a band of locals and ex-pats have unwittingly played a role in setting the record straight simply by having tons of fun and making a few rockin’ videos while they are at it. We compiled a few of our favorites and posted them below.

Brought to us by long time ex-pat Alexis Pierret and local surfer Roberto Martinez, this first video does a really great job of showcasing the vibe at Playa Encuentro, our surf beach. Roberto is also a surf instructor who gives private lessons. I actually got my surfing lessons from him when I moved here so I can vouch for his professionalism while on the job. Not only is he patient, he completely understands how surfing “works” and can articulate that in a way beginners can understand. Check out Roberto’s Facebook page for contact information.

Alexis has been coming to Cabarete for many years and is an avid surfer, kitesurfer, and videographer. You have probably seen a lot of his work and didn’t know it was him behind the lens. He has always done a really good job of getting the story of the locals out there when they need a hand making a video for a sponsor. For more videos check out his Youtube profile here. Keep in mind most of his videos are made for others, so many of his videos you won’t see on his page. You will just have to keep an eye out for his name in the credits…maybe.

Although this next video won’t be receiving any accolades for its cinematography, it perfectly and simply documents what a big storm can do for a little surf beach. This was also filmed at Playa Encuentro but wave connoisseurs enjoyed the fruits of Hurricane Gonzalo‘s labor all the way down to the reefs of Kite Beach and Cabarete Bay. Personally, I don’t know much about the maker of the video, but I did notice that his Youtube Channel is chock full of Encuentro vids. Check it out here.

Coming up next is a video by ex-pat and animal advocate Wes Wang (and his Phantom 2 Drone). Wes is well known around town for his efforts to rescue, clean up, and adopt out stray dogs from Cabarete…one at a time. He also helped facilitate a deal between Ben Wilson Surf and The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society where BWS created a kite in the name of the organization and promises to donate 25% of all sales from the Sea Shepherd Kite to fund future research for The Sea Shepherd. You can read more about the collaboration and buy one of the kites here.

As for the actual video, it was shot on one of the epic wave days brought to us by Hurricane Gonzalo on the reef on Kite Beach. The stars of the video are stand up paddle surfers Julian Kidd and Lee Dawson. Julian is a long time ex-pat who makes his living designing websites for clients around the world (website here) and on any given morning at about sunrise you will see him out, usually alone, enjoying the under-appreciated SUP spot. Lee is a kiteboarding and SUP instructor who lives in New Zealand, but spends as many seasons as he can here in Cabarete. Between the 3 of them, they created and captured an epic moment in time captured on film (or maybe we should say GoPro instead of film).

Last but not least is a video brought to us by ex-pat drone operator Oliver Dadswell from Eyefly Films. We use Oliver’s work a lot in our blog posts because he is constantly posting aerial photos from all around Cabarete and it brings our words and information to life. This video documenting one of the days from the annual MaiTai Cabarete event was actually filmed during the summer, but given that Oliver is an avid surfer and kiter himself, he just got around to editing and releasing it this month. So, although it wasn’t actually filmed in October we still felt the need to share it in this post because it is really just awesome.

MaiTai is a gathering of entrepreneurs, innovators, and athletes. Participants combine their energy, network and resources to help each other achieve professional success, pushing the limits of work and play while also fueling philanthropic activities around the world. The likes of Pro Kiters Susi Mai, Andre Phillip, Alberto Rondina, Ruben Lenten, and Fee Shador found time to enjoy some freestyle and sliderstyle kiting at Cabarete’s renowned, yet mostly secret, flatwater kiteboarding spot.


*To get a grasp on spots we have mentioned in this post, read one of our past articles that discusses the 5 main Beaches in Cabarete, Dominican Republic where we map each location and discuss in detail the watersports that are popular there.


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