8 Ways Cabarete Can Improve Your Health

Heathy Island Vacation? Say What?!

When booking your perfect island getaway, most people don’t think about a healthy holiday, but here’s just a few reasons why you will leave Cabarete, Dominican Republic feeling happier and healthier!

1. It’s Easy To Be Active.

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Cabarete, known as the Dominican Republic’s water sports mecca, is the perfect place to learn and practice all water sports including windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing right on our doorstep. With wind and waves 300 days per year, you’ll be sure to have killer arms and abs by the end of your stay. There are tonnes of activities and tours available and with the sun shining; you won’t need much encouragement to head outside! For those looking for something a little more tranquilo, there’s no better way to admire the golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters than taking a stroll. It’s the scenic route and is most beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Walking and running on sand burns 50% more calories than on a flat paved surface AND exfoliates your feet at the same time.

2. Sunshine

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Vitamin D is plentiful here in sunny Cabarete and has been shown to help improve Calcium and Phosphate absorption needed for your teeth and bones, autoimmune response, mood and has also been known to treat several skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Sunlight also cues special areas in the retina, which triggers the release of serotonin reducing depression and anxiety. Sunlight has many health benefits, however, like chocolate cake, too much isn’t good for you. Make sure if you’re out in the sun you’re using sun protection, staying well hydrated and you can take shelter under one of our many palm trees in the yard.

3. Stress Free

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The only time you need a watch here is to know how long you have left until happy hour! We run on island time, so sit back and relax to the sound of our rustling palm trees. Cabarete is also very casual, so you don’t need to stress over what outfit you’re going to wear!

4. Fresh Produce

PapayaHere in Cabarete, it’s easy to get your hands on fresh local produce, which you can enjoy at many of the restaurants within walking distance of our condos. You can also enjoy fresh coconut water and delicious fruit smoothies, which tickle your taste buds or even have fresh juice in a cocktail to spruce up the evening! Produce loses its nutritional value over time, so the fresher, the better!

5. Constant Supply Of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has an extensive list of health benefits and with Cabarete having a hearty fresh supply; it’s easy to get your hands on. Some of its benefits include improving blood cholesterol level, protect hair against damage, moisturize skin, kill harmful bacteria in the mouth and act as a natural whitener and can kill harmful microorganisms in the body when digested.

6. Salt Water

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There’s nothing more refreshing than going for a dip in the ocean but other than improving your mood, it can also improve your health! Seawater contains vital elements, vitamins, microorganisms and mineral salts, which are easily absorbed by your body whilst swimming, which help boost your immune system. Not only that, seawater also allows your pores in your skin to open allowing the eviction of toxins from your body! In addition, swimming in seawater also helps assist blood circulation in your body whilst exfoliating your skin and hair at the same time! Ooo la la!

7. Retail Therapy

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For us women, retail therapy makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and definitely improves our mood! Sometimes men don’t feel the same way when they’re with us, but nevertheless, Cabarete has a diverse range of kooky, fashionable and charming shops. You’ll be able to find bikinis, clothing, gifts, decorations and loads more that are unique to Cabarete!

8. Fresh Sea Air

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There’s no better smell than fresh sea air, so take a deep breath as it works wonders for the respiratory system and those with breathing conditions such as asthma! Ocean air also contains negatively charged ions that help absorb oxygen and balance out your serotonin levels, helping you feel happier and more energetic.

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