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Cabarete has been luring bold spirits to its coast for as long as anyone can remember. Regarded as the “adventure sports capital of the Caribbean,” our vivacious beaches are where active vacationers come to satisfy their insatiable appetite for adrenaline. As you can probably imagine, staying in shape is sort of a thing around these parts, so we are definitely not lacking in the number of gyms in Cabarete. Since we don’t have a gym on our property, we thought it would be nice to make a list of all the ones available to the public. Bear in mind, this article will specifically discuss gyms rather than speciality fitness facilities (of which there are quite a few more). We also did not travel outside of Cabarete to neighbouring towns such as Sosua for this article.

Energym Cabarete

Gyms in Cabarete - Zendo FitnessEnergym is the new kid on the block but has quickly become the local favourite. Centrally located at the entrance to the Callejon de la Loma (where the traffic lights are), this gym boasts impressive machinery such as a leg press and smith machine, all for a reasonable price. Not only that, but they also have some great trainers that will help you to reach your goals. In addition, their Zumba classes are highly recommended and take place every Monday and Thursday at 6:00 pm.

Open Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 8:30 pm, Saturdays 6:30 am- 5 pm. Sundays Closed.
Drop-In to use the gym is RD$75 per day or RD$700 per month.

Check their Facebook for more information or call them on (809) 903-9049 or (829) 278 6058.

The Gym in Villa Taina

Gyms in Cabarete - Hote Villa TainaNext up on our list is Villa Taina, a small and quaint gym that still offers up a “get the job done” attitude. The sparkling fresh and ocean view facility has two stationary bikes, two workout benches, some free weights and one universal cable crossover machine which works all areas of your body (arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs.)

This is all fine and dandy, but the real attraction to this facility are the classes headed up by professional water woman Audrey Meyer. The 4-time Master of the Ocean titleholder lives to surf, SUP, kite, and windsurf. All of this activity can be rough on the body if you don’t keep it in shape, and that’s why Audrey has turned her own body into a machine. Audrey also teaches Yoga 4 SUP, taught in Cabarete Bay on paddle boards, which has become an attraction that woos Yogis from all over the world to come and enjoy. It’s a fun and challenging way to get your yoga on. Audrey is also available for personal training sessions if you want to have her all to yourself.

Open Daily 9am-9pm
Drop In to use the gym $7 USD per day

Group Classes are 1 hour drop in price is $15 USD or $120 USD for 10 classes
Circuit Training Bodyweight Class: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 am
Vinyasa Yoga: Wednesday and Saturday 10:30 am

More info (prices, up to date schedule, personal training, etc.) visit

LDL Gym in Callejon de la Loma

Gyms in Cabarete - LDL Gym CallejonNext is the type of gym you go to when you don’t need no stinking help from anyone! Local Dominican Ruben owns LDL Gym and if you aren’t looking closely you could drive right by it. That’s because it is located deep in the Callejon de la Loma. Right at the intersection of the main road in the Callejon and Calle 5, you’ll see a big church to one side and the gym to the left. You can always ask a moto taxi at the entrance to the callejon to take you there or let you follow him to Calle 5 where you’ll see LDL.

It’s worth taking the time to look for it because it has all the equipment you will recognize at the low price of $30RD per day. That’s less than ONE US dollar, folks! The equipment is not pretty or new but it works. Also the gym and neighborhood that it’s located in is as Dominican as it gets, visiting is truly a cultural experience. Generally, you will have this hidden gem all to yourself, so it is nice if you bring some sort of MP3 player to help keep you pumped up and in the groove while you get your no-frills workout on.

LDL Gym doesn’t have a website, so here are the hours of operation:
Monday – Saturday 5:45 am-9 pm.Sundays 8am- 12 pm
$30 RD per day, 500RD per month

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