Las Cuevas de Cabarete

Everything you need to know about visiting the Caves in Cabarete

*Photo by Iguana Mama Tours

With so many activities in Cabarete many people spend years here without visiting our natural caves. Hidden deep in the Dominican neighborhood Callejon de la Loma are gorgeous caves waiting for you to visit. We’ll go over everything you need to know about visiting the Caves in Cabarete.

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What are Las Cuevas de Cabarete?

Behind Cabarete is a national park called Parque Nacional El Choco. This protected area is 77 square kilometers of forests, lagoons, underground rivers, and caves. There are plenty of ways explore El choco like ziplining at Monkey Jungle or bike riding. Closest to our condos, cheapest, and a shorter time commitment are Cabarete’s caves.

The limestone caves in Cabarete are over 5 million years old. The natural rivers that connect them are cold fresh water deep enough to swim in. The guides say you can drink the water but we wouldn’t recommend trying it. As you walk through the caves with your helmet and flashlight you may see massive insects and spiders, or giant eels if you’re lucky.

There is a quiet stillness in the depths of the caves. If you and your group turn off the flashlights and don’t move, the silence is almost palpable. When visiting the Cabarete caves, you’ll be taken to an underground lake you can jump into. The water is pristine and you can see it’s over 20 feet deep to the bottom.

Local Tip: To get the most of your cave experience, when you’re in the darkest deepest cave, ask the guide if you can jump into the water with all the lights off and everyone quiet.

Sistema La Escalera

There are cave explorers, aka spelunkers (we just wanted to use that funny word) who have dived and mapped out the connecting paths between the caves. The video above comes from the Dominican Republic Speleological Society exploring Sistema La Escalera, the cave system in the Cabarete.

How to get to Las Cuevas de Cabarete

Getting to the caves in Cabarete is very easy. Just drive into Callejon de la Loma and keep heading down the main road until you can’t anymore. You’ll eventually be stopped by people who are actually guides keeping you from entering the national park without permission. If you’re driving yourself, it’s best to pay a motoconcho to follow down to the park. This way you’re not guessing about where you’re going. The best thing to do is to shoot us an email or just come to the front desk and let our guests services set it all up for you!

For $20 USD per person, the guides will take you through a short hike through forest, through the different caves, and finally to a 12 ft jump into river water at the end of the tour. You can stay having fun here as long as you like.

Local Tip: Show up with your own beers in hand 🙂

Have you visited the caves of Cabarete? Tell us your favorite part of the tour in the comments below.

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