The Fifth Annual Cabarete Carnaval Celebration

Cabarete Carnaval Celebrates Five Years

Everyone is welcome to join in on this cultural celebration!

2019 Cabarete Carnaval Flyer

March 23, 2019

Marching to the rhythm of whistles, drums, trumpets, and drummers, the always anticipated Cabarete Carnival returns to the North Coast. Celebrating its 5th rendition, the event promises a celebration built to captivate the whole family. Commencing in Callejón de La Loma, the Comparsas will make their way through town via the main street until they reach Cabarete Beach.

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Photos by Lauren Bowcutt

The Tradition of Carnaval in Latin America

Carnaval is a traditional experience that takes place in many Latino cultures.The first of these carnavals date back to the year 1520! Serving as a means to air social situations and political themes jocularly, Carnaval promotes creativity, ecology, and community by inviting everyone to dress up and dance in the streets, regardless of age or social status. It’s a genuine celebration for everyone involved.

The Cabarete Carnival promotes the traditions of Dominican peoples by presenting Comparsas from different areas of the country such as: the Pintaos (Barahona), the Roba La Gallina (Baní), the Muñekas de la Tabacalera and their Lechones (Santiago), the Platanuses ( Cotuí), the Devils Cojuelos (Constanza) and the Lions of Villa María (National District), and others.

Cabarete Carnaval – A Unique Carnaval Experience

This Carnaval is unique because the organizers have worked hard to ensure the event suits a wide variety of audiences, with the hope of educating families and including tourists visiting the area. Over the years, the tiny local parade has grown tremendously, earning more Comparsas and a broader audience. Offering another level of entertainment in the town, the Carnival also organizes activities to teach children about the historical origins of the Dominican Carnaval, its classic characters, types of costumes, and development into the present versions.

History of the Cabarete Carnival

This event was born with the help of artisan and carnival artist Erick Michael Vargas Viloria, a native of the country’s capital, who takes the initiative in assisting the people to have their own carnival. With the help of social partners and entrepreneurs, it is planned to make a dream come true while offering Cabarete the opportunity to anoint itself with joy. Focused on youth, promoting popular traditions and educating about Dominican folklore, Cabarete created the country’s first Carnaval celebrated on the beach.

We recommend getting your spot early as once the carnaval has started, traffic will be unable to pass through town. It’s also a popular event for families so you can grab a table on Cabarete Beach early, order your food and drinks, and enjoy as the Carnaval passes right by your table!

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