Cabarete Carnaval

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It’s carnaval season and we can’t wait for the celebrations to come to Cabarete. Throughout the month of February, carnavals happen every Sunday in different cities in the Dominican Republic. The Cabarete Carnaval is slightly different and takes place in March, but offers a much more family-friendly, tranquilo carnaval than the others.

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About Carnaval

The first of these carnavals date back to the year 1520. Since then, they’ve been an important tradition for Dominicans as a way to express their culture and identity. Each one of the costumes are handmade and brightly coloured to symbolize religious and traditional characters. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera as these costumes combined with the dancing, art and music are truly spectacular. One of our favourites to watch and hear are the ‘Diablos Cojuelos’. These are easily recognizable with their impressively loud whips. You can definitely hear them before you see them!

Cabarete Carnaval 2019

This year the carnaval takes place on the 17th of March 2019 and starts at the Callejon at 3:30 pm. It then proceeds through the main street, onto the beach at Carib Wind, then loops back on to the beach past the bars and restaurants.

We recommend getting your spot early as once the carnaval has started, traffic will be unable to pass through the town. It’s also a popular event for families so you can get a table early, order your food and drinks and enjoy the carnaval pass right by your table!

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