21 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel To Cabarete Right Now

21 Photos That Will Make you Want to Travel To Cabarete Right Now! Inspirational Photographs of Cabarete, Dominican Republic Hopefully, it hasn’t been too long since the last time you stepped foot on a beach, specifically Cabarete Beach. These 21 inspirational photographs are going to make you want to travel to Cabarete and dig your toes in the sand as soon as possible. If you haven’t been to Cabarete, the vibe and family/ pet-friendly atmosphere can’t be compared to other places, it’s the reason why most people keep returning and some even staying. Due to the diversity of Cabarete, each beach is different or better for a specific sport like wind sailing, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, or surfing. It’s also a fact […]

Typical Dominican Food and Its Secret Ingredient

Typical Dominican Food and It’s Secret Ingredient How to make typical Dominican Food Typical Dominican Food uses fresh oregano, cilantro, and other spices that grow wild around the country. These ingredients contribute to the yummy aromas and delicious flavors you’ll encounter.  Ask any Dominican what the number one ingredient is and they’ll say  it is amor (pronounce ah-more). Do you know what amor means? It means LOVE! You can easily make a typical Dominican dish as long as you don’t forget the number one ingredient, amor. Keep in mind that every single one of our condos has a fully equipped kitchen, so you will be able to make all of these meals (if you want) while you are here. If you […]

Five Fun Things To Do in Puerto Plata

Five Fun Things To Do in Puerto Plata Find out our favorite things to see and do in Puerto Plata Cabarete is a small but mighty town packed with fun things to see and do. Even with this impressive choice, it’s always fun to go on an adventure and explore. Our neighbouring city Puerto Plata is just a 30-minute drive away and offers an array of different attractions. In this guide, we share our Five Fun Things To Do in Puerto Plata. Fort San Felipe The Dominican Republic is rich with history and Puerto Plata is where Christopher Columbus took his first steps on the island in 1492. Fort San Felipe is the only standing remains from Puerto Plata’s early […]

Join In On The Cabarete Carnaval Celebration

Cabarete Carnaval Find out more about and join in on the cultural celebration! It’s carnaval season and we can’t wait for the celebrations to come to Cabarete. Throughout the month of February, carnavals happen every Sunday in different cities in the Dominican Republic. The Cabarete Carnaval is slightly different and takes place in March, but offers a much more family-friendly, tranquilo carnaval than the others. The first of these carnavals date back to the year 1520. Since then, they’ve been an important tradition for Dominicans as a way to express their culture and identity. Each one of the costumes are handmade and brightly coloured to symbolize religious and traditional characters. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera as these costumes combined […]

Cabarete Eats: Finbox

Cabarete Eats: Finbox Delicious food and drinks with great vibes Cabarete, Dominican Republic is known for its exceptional action and water sports conditions that draw in athletes from all over the globe. With this much passion and excitement in one place, you need somewhere to hang out, kick back some cold ones and talk about your adventures of the day. Finbox is the new kid on the block only opening back in April 2017. Despite this short amount of time, Finbox has become the evening hangout spot. Located at the start of town in front of Villa Taina Hotel, this nook is the Cabarete living room and encourages an awesome crowd. Whether you’re a local, regular or tourist, you get to […]

Master Of The Ocean – Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Master Of The Ocean 2019 The ultimate waterman event in Cabarete, Dominican Republic   Cabarete, Dominican Republic is touted as one of the best watersports locations on the globe. With this gleaming reputation, it’s no wonder that this little town has hosted some major events such as the World Kiteboarding League, sailing regattas and numerous windsurfing events. Out of these events, the most exciting of them all is Master Of The Ocean. This event combines surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddleboarding for the ultimate waterman and woman title. Every year Master Of The Ocean lures athletes and spectators from all corners of the world. The majority of the action takes place just a 5 minutes drive from our condos […]

Fun Things to Do in Cabarete: River Float

Fun Things To Do In Cabarete A River Float with Dominican Surf Trips Known for water sports, beaches, and nightlife, few who visit Cabarete get to take in the beauty of our backyard- the mountains and rivers. During your stay, take the road less traveled for your Cabarete Excursion: A River Float with Dominican Surf Trips. Dominican Surf Trips The excursions offered by Dominican Surf Trips are one of a kind in Cabarete. The tour operator prides itself for keeping it’s locations private so that they remain protected and 100% local. It’s for this reason we love recommending them to our guests. Not only does Dominican Surf Trips offer unique surf excursions available nowhere else, they are the only tour […]

Local Business Spotlight: Chino Surf School Cabarete

Local Business Spotlight: Chino Surf School Cabarete One of the first Surf Schools in Playa Encuentro Cabarete is a water sports wonderland where you can kiteboard, windsurf, scuba dive, paddleboard, jump off waterfalls, and surf. One local business we want to spotlight is Chino Surf School Cabarete, located in Playa Encuentro, the surf district of our town. Find out about the history of the beach and services offered at the school. Surf in Cabarete When you ask the pioneers of surf in the Dominican Republic about Playa Encuentro they’ll tell you about the times they had to walk with their boards through fields and trees to get to the beach. In the 90’s the first roads down to the surf […]

Pizza in Cabarete- Your Guide to the Pizza Places in Cabarete

Pizza in Cabarete Your Guide to the Pizza Places in Cabarete Pizza is one of those foods you can get at home, get anywhere, and for some reason even when you’re on vacation you need more of. It’s safe to say pizza is a food group. We thought it would be helpful to share a guide of all the places with pizza in Cabarete. In no particular order, here are restaurants with pizza on the menu. Local Tip: although some of these places do not deliver, you can always send a motoconcho (mototaxi) with money and your order written on a piece of paper and he will wait and deliver to you when the food is ready. Pomodoro We like […]

Las Cuevas de Cabarete – Visiting Cabarete’s Caves and El Choco

Las Cuevas de Cabarete Everything you need to know about visiting the Caves in Cabarete *Photo by Iguana Mama Tours With so many activities in Cabarete many people spend years here without visiting our natural caves. Hidden deep in the Dominican neighborhood Callejon de la Loma are gorgeous caves waiting for you to visit. We’ll go over everything you need to know about visiting the Caves in Cabarete. What are Las Cuevas de Cabarete? Behind Cabarete is a national park called Parque Nacional El Choco. This protected area is 77 square kilometers of forests, lagoons, underground rivers, and caves. There are plenty of ways explore El choco like ziplining at Monkey Jungle or bike riding. Closest to our condos, cheapest, […]