Say NO To Lobster March 1st through June 30th

Say NO To Lobster March 1st through June 30th Learn more about lobster season and why it’s important From March 1st to June 30th Lobster Season in the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, is closed. The ban applies specifically to the spiny lobster, spotted spiny lobster, spiny rock lobster, and spiny lobster mom. Due to over-fishing and a major decrease in numbers, the ban was adopted back in 2010 in order to preserve these species. The March 1st through June 30th is the time that lobsters located in the Caribbean and Central America are reproducing, so the ban was purposely put in place during these 4 months to respect the crustaceans’ breeding season. There is also the thought that, in […]

Where Can I Exchange Money in Cabarete?

Where Can I Exchange Money In Cabarete? Our top choices of where to exchange money in Cabarete One of the most asked questions from our guests is, “Where can I exchange money in Cabarete?” It’s almost the first thing you have to do as a traveler. This article will give you our 4 favorite places to exchange money in Cabarete. They are all located within 2 minutes of our hotel and in our personal experience they give the best rates with the least hassle. The first thing to note: DO NOT EXCHANGE MONEY AT THE AIRPORT! Ok, maybe just a little to get you by until you get settled in, but the exchange rate is terrible. And by terrible, we […]

How To Get to Cabarete from Santo Domingo

How to Get to Cabarete from Santo Domingo Our top tips for traveling to Cabarete from Santo Domingo In this article, we will be explaining how to get from Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ) to Cabarete Palm Beach Condos. Before we get started on that, let us highlight some important points from some past articles on travelling to Cabarete: Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) is the closest airport to Cabarete. Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is the farthest airport from Cabarete. Santiago International Airport (STI) is a good option for getting to Cabarete. For many speculative reasons, the Puerto Plata International Airport may have fewer flights coming in, and/or may be a bit pricier than […]

Event: Master of the Ocean 2015

Event: Master Of The Ocean 2015 Find out more about the most anticipated watersports event of the year. Since way back in 2003 Master of the Ocean has been on the hunt for the next “IRONMAN of Water Sports”. Touted as the world’s most complete watersport competition in four categories (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and stand up paddle boarding), this competition exists for one reason — to crown the world’s best overall water sports athlete with the coveted title of Master of the Ocean. From February 23-28 the 2015 Master of the Ocean will happen as it does every year on 3 of the main beaches in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Qualifiers will take place at Cabarete Beach. After the qualifiers, only […]

Are You Ready to Rock?

Are You Ready To Rock? Learn more about local rock band Culture Shock Tonight, Friday, December 19th, local rock band Culture Shock will be bringing the house down at one of Cabarete‘s favorite places to boogie down, Onno’s Bar and Restaurant. Culture Shock has a pretty unique story. First of all, they are originally from Canada (been living here since 2001). Secondly, the band is more than just any ole trio, they are a family. Dad Joey writes and sings most of their original songs and plays the guitar, mom Karen plays the drums (seriously), daughter Samantha plays bass, and both of the lovely ladies also sing back up. Pretty awesome way to spend time with the fam! The party […]

Domincan Republic Showreel Video 2014

Dominican Republic Showreel Video 2014 Enjoy some jaw-dropping aerial footage of the island. EyeFly Fims is pretty new on the scene here in Cabarete, but the man behind the drone is not. This video provides the opportunity to see the North Coast of the Dominican Republic through the “eye” of somebody who lives and breathes what the action-sport capital of the Caribbean is all about. All year, Oliver Dadswell has been pumping out jaw-dropping aerial footage of everything this side of the island has to offer. From the gnarly waves and perfect wind to the lush and rolling mountains, it seems each little piece of our paradise has been given the lead role in a different mini-blockbuster. For the grand finale, […]

Cabarete Eats: Eze Bar

Cabarete Eats: Eze Bar Learn more about local restaurant Eze Bar In December of 2013, Antonello and Christina (a husband and wife team) took over the long-time popular beachfront restaurant location in the Carib Wind Plaza and named it Eze Bar Cabarete. What once was only a day time eatery has been transformed into Cabarete’s most stylish place to grab a bite, toast a drink, and socialize with Cabarete’s finest – day or night. The first thing you will notice is the decor, which showcases Christina’s and Antenello’s love of design. Everything from plates to the cushions have been handpicked and put in their place by the pair. Just as impressive is the art on the walls, some of which […]

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving Get in the Christmas spirit with WestJet’s Christmas Miracle Video WestJet has gained a reputation for mixing philanthropy into their advertising strategy. It all started last Christmas with a video entitled WestJet Christmas Miracle: Real -Time Giving. In the video WestJet suprised unsuspecting travelers with a real-time holiday surprise that delivered personalized gifts to guests arriving in Calgary as part of a true “Christmas Miracle.” WestJet went on to win several advertising awards for the campaign and subsequently carried the idea on into other holidays. In keeping with the tradition, WestJet decided to create another “Christmas Miracle” for 2014. This time they teamed up with Live Different and brought their Christmas cheer to a […]

KB4girls Cabarete 2014 Event

KB4girls Cabarete 2014 Information on the upcoming KB4girls event On the weekend of December 5-6th, KB4girls will be making some waves with the women of kiteboarding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Founded by 9x World Champion Kristin Boese, KB4girls is a non-profit that not only brings the kite chicas together, but also reaches out to women and children in need around the world through fundraising events and other programs. The weekend will be full of fun events that kick off Friday, December 5th at Dare2Fly Kiteboarding School (at Agualina Kite Resort) with a FREE surfboard wave-riding kiteboarding clinic led by Audrey Meyer at 11am. Audrey is a local professional ocean sports/fitness athlete and owner of Dare2fly Cabarete located on Kite Beach. […]

Cabarete Life October 2014

Cabarete Life October 2014 Our top Cabarete Life videos from October 2014 Many people view the Caribbean as a place to relax, unwind, and get a tan. When visiting Cabarete you can surely do that if you want to, but we have the feeling you will probably be wooed into action by the wind, waves, reef — and probably a little bit of all of the above. And while October is generally seen as “low season”, it seems a band of locals and ex-pats have unwittingly played a role in setting the record straight simply by having tons of fun and making a few rockin’ videos while they are at it. We compiled a few of our favorites and posted […]