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All-inclusive holidays are hugely popular, and we can almost see why – true to the namesake “everything” is included and pre-planned, making it an easy holiday. But, there are also downsides to staying in an all-inclusive resort, like the lack of interaction with the local culture and surroundings…and where is the adventure of travel? Cabarete is a treasured little town known for the lovely mix of locals, immigrants, and tourists, a trait that is very different from the better-marketed vacation spots in the Dominican Republic such as Punta Cana. Here at Cabarete Palm Beach Condos, we are incredibly proud of our town and we just love to share its wonders! So, here are our top three reasons why you should think outside of the all-inclusive box and fall in love with Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Sense of Adventure

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Our number one reason for thinking outside the all-inclusive box is simple: it’s hard to see the authentic and vast beauty of the Dominican Republic from inside the confines of a resort. Many resorts do offer trips and excursions, although they are often a sanitized version of interacting with the locals. Not only that, but you lose the sense of adventure! There’s something incredibly special about taking an open path that leads you to a stunning, serene beach or stumbling across a restaurant with delicious local cuisine. Living spontaneously and by our own time should be something that we go on holiday to do! Who wants to be confined to a schedule? Staying outside of a resort means you can explore to your heart’s content, eat the food you please, and do what you want when you want. It’s the unexpected moments that are truly unique, and there are many hidden treasures off the beaten track here in Cabarete.

Experience the Culture

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The people and culture of the Dominican Republic are simply awesome, and you deserve to experience that for yourself. They are welcoming, kind and we can learn so much from them. The magic moments we remember most happen when we have the chance to experience something new. So much growth and learning comes from that type of magic. Outside the resort, you’re able to walk down the street, admire the beautiful artwork and craftsmanship of the local people, learn a new language, try new foods and flavors, and meet new open-minded people that can mold your perspective and outlook on life. You’re reminded to be grateful for the simple pleasures. In resorts, you won’t get to experience moments like these. Instead, other tourists content to remain glued to their sun lounger will surround you. It’s good for the soul to step outside of our comfort zone, and even a little exploration will uncover an unexpected treasure or delight. Lookie here, we even have a map of Cabarete beaches all sorted for you. How’s that for inclusive??

Not to be forgotten when it comes to culture is food! Pollo Guisado (braised chicken) is one of the favorites, and you can even try making it at home with our recipe. The food in resorts is often reported as poor due to the large quantities produced and lack of choice. Here in Cabarete, the opposite is true since many small independent restaurants want nothing more than to serve you their best freshly cooked dishes. By experiencing the culture first hand, you learn something new and take those lessons and moments home with you.


Cost plays a huge role in booking a holiday and many all inclusive holidays seem too good to be true – and quite often, the deal presented is, in fact, too good to be true. You see, resorts make their money via upgrades to you’re all-inclusive stay. You will often find you have to pay extra for better food, better drinks, wifi, activities and many other amenities. Even making a dinner reservation for a certain time might cost extra, and still involve a lengthy queue! It is worth doing your research, because outside of the resort, you can customize your holiday to suit your personal budget. There are many free activities in Cabarete and a vast range of reasonably priced excursions too!

Back to the food (because obviously everyone loves food), you will find the “tourist” restaurants are reasonably priced and, even better, if you eat where the locals eat you’ll find delicious local food for a local price. If you don’t fancy eating out every night, our condos come with a complete kitchen making it easy to cook at home, especially since our local grocery stores are just a stones throw away.

And when it comes to souvenirs, you can also find some excellent gifts and goodies to take home for considerably less than sold in the resorts. Buying local supports the local economy and people, for which they are always so grateful. As you probably know, many all inclusive resorts don’t support the local economy.

We do understand that all inclusive holidays work brilliantly for some, but we also know they don’t work for everyone We hope to use the power of persuasion to open your mind and soul to the country, culture and what is outside of the resort.

Always feel free to contact us directly to chat about helping you organize a vacation that includes all the adventures your heart desires:

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