27 Waterfalls of Damajagua

Price: $89 / 7h 30min

On the other side of Puerto Plata. Hike, slide, swim and jump your way down the Midway 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua.

Tour Description: The original and best known of the area’s falls, the tour starts with a moderate hike of around 70 minutes that leads up to the top of the falls where the real fun begins as you jump, slide and swim your way back down to base camp, emerging with a silly grin on your face and memories to cherish!

After the tour enjoy an authentic Dominican lunch and local rum drinks before heading back to your hotel. Total river time approx. 2.5 hours. Jumps of up to 8m/25ft but don’t worry, the big jumps all have walk-arounds if you don’t feel comfortable with the heights. Iguana Mama is the only tour company that goes all the way to No.27. Experienced Iguana Mama guides and no tourist traps ensure a quality experience.

Important note: The name 27 “Waterfalls” is actually a mistranslation from the Spanish word “Charcos” that means pools not waterfalls, there are only in fact a total of around 12 actual waterfalls even on the full trip to number 27.

Included: Air conditioned round trip transportation, water for the hike, life vest and helmet plus an authentic Dominican buffet lunch and local rum drinks after the tour. You need to bring tennis or river shoes, swimwear, a towel and dry clothes.

Rated: Beginner. With reasonable fitness previous experience is not necessary. Minimum age 8. Swimmers only. Female guests are advised to wear a swimsuit with a pair of shorts over the top, this helps avoid scrapes and bumps from the water slides.

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