2016 MaiTai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational Recap

and activities guide


The WKL MaiTai Cabarete Freestyle Invitational has left a lasting impression worldwide! The professional kiteboarding event was a collaboration between the newly formed World Kiteboarding League and MaiTai Global that gave our local kiteboarders an incredible and rare opportunity to make their mark on the professional kitesurfing world on their home turf! They did just that when locals Adeuri Corniel and Luis Alberto Cruz made it into the final, thus shaking up the rankings of the top male kiteboarders in the world. A new competition format made it easy for the riders and spectators to follow the live scoring system, creating an intense atmosphere on the beach, and through the live stream. The crowd exploded with glee when Luis threw his last trick because everyone knew he had just undeniably won. It was a truly proud moment to have two locals riders in the top spots, with 16-year-old Adeuri Corniel in 4th, and Luis Alberto Cruz in 1st, waving the Dominican flag atop the shoulders of his best friends.

MaiTai Cabarete is an annual networking event that unites incredible entrepreneurs, innovators, and athletes who share the passion of kiteboarding. Organized by Cabarete resident and influential kiteboarder Susi Mai, this event returns every year for the stunning location, endless sun, and predictable wind. 2016 was the first year MaiTai sponsored the WKL competition, so it was just a blip on the list of activities that MaiTai-ers got to experience during the week-long networking extravaganza. We thought it would be fun to give you a little guide of the activities enjoyed during this making of this video, because even if you missed the MaiTai Cabarete event, you can still reenact it any time you book your vacation rentals with Cabarete Palm Beach Condos!


Consistent trade winds create about 330 days of kiteable wind per year and because of this, Cabarete provides the perfect location for those wanting to learn or improve their kiteboarding skills. Whether you’re into freestyle, waves or just cruising, there is a spot for you, all within 10 minutes of one another.


Surfing in Cabarete
Blessed with waves roughly 350 days a year thanks to a consistent Atlantic swell, surfing in Cabarete is just as popular as wind sports! The wind usually picks up midday, so early mornings make for the perfect time to catch some glassy waves. Playa Encuentro offers breaks for all different levels, ideal for those learning and catching their first waves, to the more intermediate and advanced surfers.

Horseback Riding

The Mai Tai crew had the right idea when it came to exploring our beautiful beaches by hoof. There’s nothing more dreamy and picturesque than galloping along golden sandy beaches! There are various options for horseback riding in Cabarete including riding lessons, stunning beach tours and magical mountain tours.


Whether you’re on the water all day, or just looking to unwind, yoga keeps our mind and body strong and supple. There is a broad range of yoga classes in Cabarete for all different levels!

*Our team is on hand at reception and can help you arrange activities, including ones not on this list. We are always happy to share our local knowledge with you to give you the best possible experience.

Are you a Cabarete Buff? Feel free to shout out your favorite activities in Cabarete in the comments below.





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